Mon, July 22

Carolyn Fisher to serve on college advisory board

Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher

In recognition of the "desire for the Verde Valley citizens to have a forum to express their educational needs", the Yavapai College District Governing Board has created a committee to provide advice to the Board from Verde Valley communities.

Each incorporated community was invited to nominate a member of the committee as were the Supervisors of District 2 and 3. Supervisor Chip Davis nominated Carolyn Fisher of the Big Park/Village of Oak Creek to represent his unincorporated communities (primarily Big Park/VOC, Verde Santa Fe and Verde Villages).

The Committee's Vision is to be "recognized as the Verde Valley's voice for constructive and collaborative dialog between residents and the Yavapai College District Governing Board to promote improved access to quality higher education."

It's Mission is "to provide advice to the Yavapai College District Governing Board based on objective analysis and feedback from Verde Valley communities."

And its Guiding Principles are Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, Leadership, Service and Stewardship.

Carolyn Fisher is committed to ensuring that residents in the unincorporated areas in District 3 have a voice as the YC Governing Board deliberates decisions that impact their access to higher educational opportunities.

She will be available to both citizens and organizations to discuss concerns and needs. While not all needs can always be met due to space and monetary limitations, she will work to ensure that there is a fair consideration of how the college's resources are allocated.

Please contact her at 284-4638 or for discuss any concerns and suggestions you have for the future of Yavapai College in the Verde Valley.