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1889: VERDE RIVER DAM; Etta Mill, October 5.

"Chas. A. Girdler will shortly move to Aultman to remain to superintend the work on the new dam of the Etta company." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; September 4, 1889; page 3.)

"Chas. A. Girdler arrived from the Etta this morning, having left there last night. Work progressing favorably on the dam, and the mill is expected to drop its stamps on the 1st of November. The Verde river is running very high at present, but no damage has been done to the works." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; September 25, 1889; page 2.)


"The above named dam, constructed for the purpose of raising the Verde river, to supply water to the Etta mill, two miles below, was finished last Saturday, October 5th. All the gates were closed, and for the first time there was no Verde river running below. No leaks were to be seen, and the works were all pronounced first-class in every respect. To relieve the pressure and prevent the river from flowing over the dam, a sluice way with two gates is built in the middle of the river. The gates are shut sufficient to send water enough down the ditch to supply the mill."

"There was used in the construction of the dam 13,862 feet of lumber, 265 tons of rock, 15,000 cubic yards of gravel, 5,000 cubic yards of sand, four loads of hay, 562 bags filled with sand, and 315 tons of boulders. All the timbers are bolted together with iron bolts. The dam is large, and high enough to hold the entire water in the river for five hours, backing the water one mile and three-quarters. The dimensions are as follows: From west bank to head gate, 62 feet. From head gate to west side of sluice way, 102 feet. From east side of sluice way to abutment, 82 feet. Head gates 12 feet wide. Sluice way, 10 feet. Total distnce from bank to bank, 268 feet."

"Three months' time was occupied in building dam and repairing ditch and mill. The contract called for the completion of the work on the 14th of October, and everything was ready on the 7th. Mr. Chas. A. Girdler was the engineer and superintendent of construction."

"The dam and water ditch, outside of mining, is a very valuable property. By extending the ditch a large scope of country can be irrigated, as the whole river can be utilized for irrigation."

(Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; October 16, 1889; page 4.)

"Chas. A Girdler brought in a big bar of gold bullion from the Etta mill yesterday. He was having a very successful run when he was knocked out by the flood. Chas. A. Girdler estimates his losses, at the Etta mill during the past twelve months, by the two washouts which occurred there, at over $65,000." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; December 11, 1889; page 3.)

"Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Girdler came in yesterday from the Etta mill at Aultman, on the Verde river. Mr. Girdler says it was the most disagreeable journey he ever undertook in Arizona, with the muddy roads and the stiff, cold breeze. They report the Etta roads in a fearful condition. Mr. Girdler has had a flattering offer to take charge of a gold mine in South Africa." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; January 8, 1890; page 3.)

"The Verde river was higher than ever before, and the Etta mill is again reported badly damaged, while the house occupied by Chas. A. Girdler and wife is also reported as being washed down the stream with all its contents, including their clothing." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; February 26, 1890; page 2.)

CHERRY CREEK: "The Etta company, on Cherry creek, have men at work developing the mine. ... The Mockingbird mill, at Cherry creek, is running on full time. ... Chas. A. Bush has purchased the remaining interest in the Sarah Jane mine, in Cherry creek district, and is now sole owner of this property. It has yielded good ore." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; April 2, 1890; page 3.)

"The lease from the Etta Mining and Milling Company to J. A. Coleman et. al. for the Etta mine and mill, has been filed for record. The lease is for a period of two years from May 1st 1892. It requires that not less than two men shall be kept continuously at work in the mine, and the failure to do so for the total number of ten days is a violation of the lease. No assignment of the lease is allowed. The lessees are to pay a royalty of twenty per cent of the gross proceeds to the company." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; April 6, 1892; page 2.)

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