Sun, July 21


"THE GREAT COPPER MINE WAS ONCE CONDEMNED. John Farish, the Noted Expert, Advised Senator Benham in 1884, Not to Purchase It."

"Senator Alexander Benham of Los Angeles spent yesterday in Phoenix renewing old acquaintances. The senator was seen by a Republican reporter at the Ford last night just before his departure for Tucson, and he talked interestingly of his travels in Arizona in the days of the Tombstone excitement."

"'I came to Arizona first in 1884,' said the senator. 'My first visit to the territory was with John Farish, whom I had engaged to examine for me what is now the United Verde mine. We spent some time there together, and Mr. Farish made a careful examination of the mine and the adjacent mineral country. He condemned the United Verde, and I relied upon his judgement and did not purchase the property, although I had the money with which to pay for it. If I had known as much of mining then as I do now the United Verde would have been mine.'"

"'I have since become familiar with the property through many long visits with Mr. W. A. Clark, the owner, at his home in Montana. He is very proud of the property.'"

"'I hear mining men speak of the "ledge" of the Verde. There is no ledge there, and there never was one. On the surface there were a large number of small stratas which lead from the surface to the great deposit in the heart of the mountain. These stringers were sent out merely to invite the prospector's pick.'"

"'You hear the ledge of the Verde variously estimated at from 250 to 500 feet in width. There is, as a matter of fact, no end to the great deposit or zone up to the present development of the mine. The expression, "there is a mountain of it," which you often hear in the hills, can be applied to the Verde with impunity. It is without question the biggest mine in the world. If it were more favorably located it would today be a greater copper producer than the Calumet and Hecla.'"

"'Mr. Clark says the Verde will become the greatest producer in the world. As fast as he can build ground with slag he will add new smelting facilities.'"

"'What has become of John Farish? He travels on the coast and in Colorado and Nevada, and has the reputation of being a very competent mining expert.'" . . .

(Arizona Republican: Phoenix; October 12, 1898; page 4.)