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1902-1904: Equator Mining and Smelting Company, October.


"The NEWS has it from a reliable source that Senator Clark and his associates in the Equator Mining and Smelting company will at once commence the errection of a smelter on their property on Equator hill; that the site is now being surveyed, and the machinery will be on the ground as soon as practicable."

"This will be good news to Jerome and the surrounding country. It means that there will be a great deal of money turned loose here, not only through the building of the smelter, but through the transportation of smelting material to Equator hill and the hauling of the product to the railroad at Jerome."

"It will, of course, be some months before the Equator smelter will be in operation, and chances are that the United Verde works may be started up about the same time, and then look out for the 'rise of Jerome' again."

"The building of this smelter, which will be on the great Jerome copper belt, about four miles south of the town of Jerome, is positive evidence that the copper ore in the district is not confined within the borders of the United Verde group, and that proper development work may open up many good mines along the hills south of this camp. --- Jerome News."

(Williams News; October 18, 1902; page 7.)

1904: "Jerome, Oct. 6. --- (Telephone Service.) --- Fred Gorham, of Macdonald, where the Equator smelter is located, states that the new school is doing nicely. Miss Rose Hottinger is the teacher and there are eighteen pupils in attendance, six of which are Mexican children. The rest are children of men employed at work there. Fred says all are perfectly satisfied and that they have the best school in the Verde district."

"F. E. Jordan, republican nominee for county recorder, went to the Equator this afternoon, where he will do a little work for himself as well as the party, and incidentally put in a good word for the Journal-Miner, in which he is interested."

"John Grace, superintendent of the Equator smelter, left this afternoon for Camp Verde for a few days of recreation."

"It is stated from a reliable source that between 35 and 50 men are now employed at the Equator smelter, and 30 men in the mine. The Equator is owned by Senator Clark and in a few years will be a strong rival to the Central Verde in the production of the red metal."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; Prescott; October 12, 1904; page 7.)

The Equator Post Office was established on December 12, 1899, with Arthur Woods as the postmaster. It was discontinued on September 30, 1903.

The Macdonald Post Office was established on April 4, 1904, with Fred H. Gorham as postmaster. It was discontinued on August 15, 1905.

(The Territorial Post Offices; by Sheldon H. Dike; 1958; courtesy of Donald Hahn.)

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