Wed, June 26

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund to the rescue

The trails of the Red Rock Country need help. Our extensive multi-use trail system is internationally known for allowing hikers, bikers, runners, equestrians, and people of all ages and abilities to access and enjoy the beauty that is the Sedona area.

More than 1 million visitors/year explore the 250 miles of trails that are signed, maintained , and supervised by the Red Rock Ranger District, and this causes inevitable wear and tear on fragile desert soils and plants.

Due to changes in funding and increased strain on forest Service resources, and despite the extraordinary efforts of local volunteers, our district cannot continue to maintain and improve our trails without additional financial help.

The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is a local 501c3 Non-profit organization specifically created to encourage and accept donations to help sustain the local trails. The Fund works closely with the local Forest Service to ensure that every dollar donated goes directly toward the essential maintenance and improvement of our Red Rock Trail system.

• USFS estimated annual cost for routine trail maintenance: $100,000

• USFS estimated yearly cost for supervision of volunteer maintenance: $30,000

• USFS estimate for special projects (trailhead improvement, signage, new trails, trail improvements): up to $180,000/year

• USFS yearly cost for environmental studies and trail planning: $25-50,000

• 2014 USFS budget for the Red Rock Trails: $106,000

As a result of a year-long, community-driven trails planning process the USFS will be stressing the following items is 2014-2015:

• Improving safety by increasing signage and maps at trailheads and trail junctions.

• Construction of at least three new multi-use trails

• Priority maintenance of over 80 miles of damaged trails (including fire damaged trails)

• Airport Saddle renovation, and heavy maintenance on both the Cathedral Rock trail and the Bell Rock Pathway.

Local volunteers, and our local communities, have tried their best to bridge the gap between the USFS budget and the needs of our system trails, but the needs are outpacing local efforts. These trails are our most precious local resource, and also our most fragile.

By soliciting donations, and harnessing the passion of visitors, local businesses, organizations, and individuals, we hope to ensure a safe and sustainable trail system for years to come.

The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is constituted entirely by local volunteers: hikers, bikers, walkers, and equestrians. The president is Robert Holeman, owner and operator of the Sedona Real Resort, and the Board consists of local bike-shop owners, plumbers, physicians, and residents who are devoted users of the local trails.

Donations can be mailed to: Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund, PO Box 4475, Sedona AZ 86340; Or via our website: