Sun, Sept. 15

Wayne Ranney to share program on Sedona Through Time

Sedona is known for its colorful rocks, but how did this striking landscape come to be? Join Wayne Ranney on Wednesday, November 5, for a thrilling trip back in time when the red rocks were part of a coastal plain, a Sahara-like desert, and warm, tropical seas. You may attend the program at 1:30 p.m. at Sedona Winds Retirement Community, 405 Jacks Canyon Road or 6 p.m. at Sedona Public Library, 3250 White Bear Road.

During Mr. Ranney's presentation you will learn how the area became sculpted into a maze of breathtaking buttes, spires, and mesas. Be sure to ask plenty of questions. Ranney has been studying the red rocks of Sedona for more than 35 years.

Wayne Ranney seeks to inspire and educate the public about Earth's geologic history and its fascinating evolution. The presenter is a world-renowned geologist and public speaker who travels the globe bringing the stories of Earth's landscapes to life. He has lectured on all seven of the Earth's continents and is the author of eight books, including "Carving Grand Canyon," "Sedona Through Time," and "Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau." The author will be selling his books: "Sedona Through Time: A Guide to Sedona's Geology" for $18, "Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence Theories and Mystery" for $17 and "Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau" for $35. Forms of payment include checks made payable to Wayne Ranney or cash. The author does not accept credit cards.

These programs, sponsored by the Arizona Humanities, Friends of the Sedona Public Library, and the Sedona Library Board, are free and open to the public. Donations are always welcome! For more information, please contact Sedona Public Library in the Village at 928-284-1603 or Sedona Public Library at 928-282-7714.

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