Thu, July 18


"UPPER VERDE, Sept. 2. --- [Regular Correspondence.] --- Rev. J. W. Milton preached at our school house last night. Matters of a religious nature are progressing with us. We have broken out in a fresh place, and started a prayer meeting, in which quite an interest is being taken."

"Our lodge has for discussion next Saturday night the character of Queen Victoria. Should the queen hear of this, we hope she will not feel uneasy."

"Quite an accident happened at the residence of Mrs. Ricker yesterday. The two sons of the family being alone in the house, tried to start a fire in the stove. The result was an explosion and a very badly burned boy. His face was dreadfully blistered, his eye brows and lashes burned off, but fortunately his sight was not injured. The children say that they poured nothing on the fire, but that the explosion took place from chips which they had picked up in the yard." [Sons of Al and Nellie (Willard) Ricker, who lived across the river, north of Cottonwood, now the Blazin' "M" Ranch.]

"A moonlight encounter with a skunk has made perfume a superfluous commodity in a certain yard in our community. The fight was between the lady of the house and the odoriferous intruder. The lady had a shot gun that kicked like a sorrel mule, and the skunk came out victorious, with a loss of part of his life's blood and a portion of his tail. Anyone finding a tailless skunk, minus a quart of perfume, is welcome to the same and no charges made."

"The new county road between Camp Verde and Jerome is nearing completion. The workmen dug a fine well on this road at the Black Canyon crossing. This is for the benefit of teamsters, as the road leaves the river on Central Verde and crosses the dry mesas from there to Jerome. This road will be of great advantage to the farmers on Middle and Lower Verde."

"Miss Alice Windes and Master Peter Windes left home on the 29th for Tempe. They go to attend the normal school at that place. Tilden Scott has gone to the Lamson college in Phoenix."

"Our school opens to-day, with prospects of a good attendance."

"Mrs. Dr. Carrier will go to Prescott this week to attend the District Lodge of the I.O.G.T."

(Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; September 11, 1895; page 1.)