Fri, Oct. 18

Letters: Stay tuned for the rest of the story


This letter comes to you from the Clarkdale Market at 915 Main Street, Clarkdale. We take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the personal responses we received by our many customers and friends in response to the "hearing" by the Town of Clarkdale on our request for approval of a liquor license. In all cases we were strongly encouraged to fight the rejection by the Town of Clarkdale. We received the same amount of requests to keep the market open. All who came by spoke with dismay about the proceedings and how it was handled and commented on the "good old boys" rules.

In our opinion it was very obvious the outcome of the license request had been pre-determined by a majority of the council. We question why this was the first open meeting to be held on a liquor license request and why we received a telephone call at approximately 5 p.m. (after hours for town offices) the night prior to the meeting that we had to be present when we were told by a town official approximately a week before that our presence was not required. Is the open forum policy to be the norm for all liquor licensing in the future?

We urge you to please keep in mind there is more to the issue than was presented at the board meeting and printed in the newspaper. As Paul Harvey always said, "Stay tuned for the rest of the story" and do not hesitate to come by for any and all updates on this issue.

We will remain open for business thanks to your support.

Roy & Caryll Beard

Clarkdale Market

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