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1912: JEROME: Little Daisy Group, September.


"A Jerome dispatch says: --- Advices from the New York office of the United Verde Extension Copper Company, --- owners of what is known locally as the 'Little Daisy' mine --- say that at the Extension stockholders meeting held in that city on the 7th of this month, the syndicate headed by James S. Douglas, of Douglas, Arizona, took over the company's holdings in the Jerome Verde mineral district. This undoubtedly is the most important deal in mining property in this city since the acquisition of the United Verde mine by Senator W. A. Clark, of Montana, a mine that has paid the Senator more than $30,000,000 in dividends in twenty years. The taking over of the Extension by the wealthy Douglas syndicate assures the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars in its development, and the making of another big producer in the Jerome district."

"With the Arkansas & Arizona Copper Company spending $10,000 a month on its promising holdings, and bright prospects for the taking over of the Cleopatra and Hull holdings by the George Mitchell syndicate, the future of the Jerome district never looked brighter."

"The nucleus for the group owned by the United Verde Extension Copper Company was the location of a small three-cornered fraction of ground by the late Deputy U. S. Surveyor J. L. Fisher. The fraction lies along the southeast corner of the Daisy claim owned by the United Verde Copper Company, and Mr. Fisher named it the 'Little Daisy.' This was about 1901. For a number of years Mr. Fisher kept up the annual work, and also did considerable development. In 1904, L. E. Whicher of New York, who owned some claims above the smelter that he acquired from the Hon. G. W. Hull, exchanged them for four claims running north and east from the Little Daisy, and with Mr. Fisher formed the United Verde Extension Copper Company with a holding of three full claims and the fractions Little Daisy and Bitter Creek. The full claims are the March, Conglomerate, and Carbonate. The ground is a northern extension of the Maine claim owned by G. W. Hull. The town of Jerome is built on the Maine, hence the Extension is on the threshold of the town, the shaft on the property being but a few feet from the incorporation line on the north."

"In connection with Senator Clark's United Verde mine, the Extension is located east from the Daisy claim, with the width of that claim only intervening between it and the richest claims in the United Verde group."

"The fact that Mr. Douglas and associates have for some months since his first examination of the property, been supplying money to keep the workings clear of water until a deal could be consumated, is conclusive evidence that they consider the property a most valuable one, and also that work thereon will be started at once."

(Mohave County Miner; Mineral Park; September 7, 1912; page 1.)

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