Wed, June 26

1876: VERDE NEWS; Thieves, Election, September.

"Here is a specimen of reports set afloat to deter people from bringing stock to Arizona. An old friend of ours now on his way to Prescott from Modoc County, California, with cattle stopped at Hiko, Nevada, to recruit and wrote to his brother-in-law at this place on the 13th of August. We take the following extract from his letter:"

"'Our cattle are getting sore footed, our horses are poor and we have stopped here to recruit, and will lie over on the Muddy, six or seven days. We hear bad news from Arizona. We hear that the crops have failed, that people are suffering, that there is no grass there and that stock are all dying; the settlers have run Butler out of his office. He had to leave to save his life for publishing false reports in regard to the country. I want you to write me and let me know if these reports are true. Some of the train is almost ready to stop. Two trains will turn back here. ... D. J. DELANEY.'"

"This will sound funny to those who have constantly urged us to 'blow' about the country, and in fact to all the readers of the MINER who are aware of our persistence in showing up the dark as well as the bright side of the picture. We will say however to our old friend Dan that he may venture to come on, and have no fear that his former association with us will exasperate the people against him. And furthermore that when he brings cattle enough to eat all the grass in this County he will be ready to quit the business, buy the Palace Hotel for a residence and the California theatre for a playhouse for his children."

(Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; September 8, 1876; page 1.)

"ROBBED BY HIS HERDER: William [Moses] Casner, who has a band of sheep beyond the Verde, had a man herding for him by the name of William Clancey. One day last week Clancey feigned sickness, and Casner went with the herd himself. On his return he found Clancey gone, and when he came to look for his money, some $6,200 in gold coin, which he supposed no one knew anything about but himself, that too was gone. They tracked him some distance, but neither man nor money has been found." (Arizona Weekly Miner; July 21, 1876; page 3.)

"LETTER FROM VERDE: Camp Verde, Sept. 3d, 1876."

"Editor Miner: --- A man just came in from Copper Canyon reports he saw the two horse thieves that broke jail last week at Prescott. Sam Hill, accompanied by three Indian scouts, left here this morning in hot pursuit. Think Sam will capture the ducks before morning."

"Matt Bledsoe, deputy sheriff, with Clancey, the thief that stole the $6,000 from Casner, arrived here Aug. 21st. The rascal says: 'I have the money, but no-body shall ever get it.' He told Bledsoe that he would take him where the money was, but he says since that he did not go in ten miles of the money, but his intentions were to buy Bledsoe and his party over if a chance presented itself. They left here August 22d for Prescott; but I learn, took him into the Canyon for the purpose of making him tell where the money is; nothing has been heard from them as yet."

"Verde market prices are quoted this week as follows: Butter, $1 per pound; eggs, 75 cts. per doz.; potatoes, 12 1/2 cts. per lb.; chickens $1 each, and everything else in accordance."

"E. F. Bowers is here on the lookout for jail-breakers."

"J. H. Behan was rusticating at Verde last week."

"Jones and Carmical will run their horses next week for $100 a side. Joe Conyers will do the driving for Jones. Carmical will do his own engineering."

"From what I can ascertain, I should judge, corn crops will not reach expectations this year. Potatoes are not in abundance in this vicinity."

"Charley Hank and Jimmy Anderson are learning telegraphing. ... QUILL DRIVER."

(Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; September 8, 1879; page 1.)

"CAMP VERDE, A. T., Sept. 8, 1876."

"Editor Miner: --- Hon. H. S. Stevens, delegate in Congress, arrived here Monday evening; he will leave for Prescott to-day. The people of the Verde and vicinity are favorably impressed with the Hon. H. S., and I should judge, from what I can ascertain, will get a large vote in our section of the country."

"Lieut. Gordon Winslow, 8th Infantry, left here last week for McDowell, to attend a courtmartial at that post. ... Lieut Gordon Winslow received a letter the other day, from his mother in Florence, Italy. He had supposed her to be dead, as her letters, for a long time past, had been miscarried."

"A. W. Callen is getting along nicely with his hay contract."

"The Brayton base ball club came out in their new flashy suits last Monday, and made quite a display."

"A fellow of ardent passion, under the influence of whiskey, assaulted Joe Melvin last Sunday. The hot-headed little fellow could not be quieted by persuasion, so Joe gently tapped him a couple between the eyes, which appeared to have a soothing effect."

"In these days of women's rights, man becomes the humbler creature, therefore if our better-half will consent, your reporter will visit ye editor in a few days. ... QUILL DRIVER."

(Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; September 15, 1876; page 2.)

"Wm. Clancey, accused of stealing $6,000 from Casner, is re-arrested and lodged in jail to await the action of the Grand Jury." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; September 15, 1876; page 3.)

"ANNOUNCEMENTS: FOR SHERIFF; I hereby announce myself as a candidate for Sheriff at the ensuing election, November 7th. ... MOSES CASNER." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; October 13, 1876; page 3.)

"ANNOUNCEMENTS: FOR SHERIFF; I hereby announce myself as a candidate for sheriff of Yavapai County at the ensuing November election. ... JOHN H. BEHAN." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; October 20, 1876; page 3.)

"A CARD: Having just arrived in town, I have not time to make an extended answer to the circular published against me but I wish now to say, that at the time I went with Casner to Williamson Valley he (Casner) as well as myself knew that Clancey was voluntarily in the calaboose. Clancey was afraid to leave town while Casner was here and therefore Casner and I left town to go off with Bledsoe and Monroe. Bledsoe got into a fight during the time we were away. I shall have more to say about this matter in the next issue of the MINER. ... JOHN H. BEHAN. Prescott, October 20, 1876." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; October 20, 1876; page 3.)