Tue, Feb. 25

Letters: Not a fan of Thunder Valley Rally


It is 4:07 p.m. Sept 20, 2014, the very middle of Thunder Rally. This is nuts. Do we not have a noise ordinance? After listening to this roar for over 24 hours, barely any sleep the might before, despite the fact that my ears were filled with ear plugs and a pillow over my head in an attempt to drown out the loud drum beating music, the gunning of extra noisy bikes, I ask why is this going on in an area where the noise is generates disturbs those of us who live in Old Town, and can be heard by residents living off the Old Jerome Highway.

Some are asking why don't "they just go to the fairgrounds?" Well, that's easy, the neighbors there certainly don't want that either.

The noise and the "party atmosphere" created by this event by adults is no different then the noise and "party atmosphere" created by a bunch of teens, considerate enough of others to hold their "parties" out of neighborhoods, "you know lady, you're no different then us, but you keep your "drugs" legal" was heard so much by me from them, that I finally got their point.

The time I served as a cop in narcotics, arresting these kids forever changed my life. How can we present two sets of standards to thinking young people?

No wonder they have problems with "the establishment" acting totally inappropriately. The message they carried was clear to me, clean up my act, completely; or get out of the business. They were too important to me "to get out of the business" of trying to influence them to see their importance in their society.

"They bring in a lot of money to the area" is not an acceptable answer, it's disgusting!

Nancy Burnett


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