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Verde Heritage -- 1915: CHERRY CREEK


"Sixty-five members of the Verde Valley Auto Club made a run out on the Cherry Creek road Sunday and posted the new grade signs. Thirty-nine signs, provided by the club were set out, the post holes having been dug along the new road at the expense of the county."

"The Cherry Creek grade is now posted along its entire course. A picnic lunch was spread by the party of autoists at the Cherry Creek post office and a pleasant outing resulted."

"This completes of the posting of the entire Verde Valley which has been done by the Auto Club at an expense of $200 or more; the signs having been placed by members of the Club while out on picnic parties at various times."

"The Verde Valley is the best posted part of the county and so effective have the signs been made that it is impossible for an autoist to lose his way or get off on the wrong road. The signs are very explicit and contain much information concerning distances, directions and destinations. The scenic beauty which abounds along this route makes it most attractive to autoists and now it has been well posted and several bad places in the road, this side of the grade have been repaired by the club members, its value as a boulevard will be increased. Not alone to local autoists will the road give pleasure, but will help increase the fame of Verde Valley as a pleasure resort to be included in the itinerary of many a traveling autoist from other parts of the state."

(Jerome News; Friday, April 16, 1915; page 4, columns 3-4.)


"The mines of L. N. Wombacher, sixteen miles from Cherry Creek station, have taken on new life recently and are now being shaped up for extensive development. This work is being done under a contract recently entered into between Mr. Wombacher and other mine owners and a syndicate of Massachusetts mining men, says the Prescott Courier. The deal includes three separate groups of mines, some twenty-six claims all told, and it promises to be a transaction which will bring large results for the mining industry of this county."

"At present a small force of men are engaged in installing a new hoist and pump, and in developing water at a spring and connecting the spring and the mine by means of a pipe line. A 20 horsepower gasoline engine is on the ground, but it cannot operate for a few days, as some necessary parts have failed to arrive. As soon as the machinery can be installed the work of unwatering the main shaft will begin. At present the water level is about 50 feet below the collar of the shaft, the shaft being 200 feet in depth. The sampling so far done is reported to have been most satisfactory."

"The company will also develop the six claims of the Sunnyside group. This ground is said to be gridironed with ledges carrying gold and copper, with considerable free gold in evidence in the surface ores. These claims are about four miles south of the Cherry Creek postoffice, and were located by Mr. Wombacher and a partner."

"In speaking of Cherry Creek district, Mr. Wombacher remarked that 'some people say the veins of Cherry Creek district do not go down. I do not see how they know this, for nobody ever got a greater depth than 250 feet vertically.' It is stated that it is the purpose of the gentlemen who have taken over the property to prove that the veins do go down, by sinking deep and doing a large line of development work."

(Jerome News; Friday, April 16, 1915; page 4, columns 1-2.)

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