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Verde Heritage -- 1901: Old Smelter Moved Again

The 100-ton jacket furnace used by the United Verde Copper Company was moved down the hill and used by the Verde Queen Copper Company. Later, it was moved from Jerome to the Grand Prize mine near Pine.


"Dr. John A. King of Jerome came in to Wickenburg on the south-bound train Monday to examine the Profusion group of claims near Gilbert. Dr. King is a mining man of considerable experience and expresses himself as very much pleased with the mining outlook in this district."

Dr. King "is superintendent of the Verde Queen Copper Company in the Jerome district. The smelter that has been used for some time by the Verde Queen was one of the first smelters used by the United Verde Copper Company, and the Verde Queen Company are now going to put in a new smelter of greater capacity, as the old one is not large enough and is getting worn out."

"Dr. King is also the president and general manager of the Grand Prize Mining Company of Arizona, a corporation organized this spring under the laws of New Jersey, with a capitalization of $250,000. The Grand Prize group is located about 80 miles south of Flagstaff, about 400 feet from the rim of the Mogollon mountains, and about 6 miles east of Pine, a Mormon settlement."

"The claims were first located and work commenced on them in 1883, the ore at first being a sort of iron, carrying large values in gold, and was run through a small stamp mill, which is now completely worn out."

"At a depth of about 100 feet very rich copper sulphide ore was encountered, and the ore now throughout the mine will run about 10% copper and in many places as high as 30%. The gold values are very high, the ore assaying anywhere from $400 to $500, and the veins are of considerable extent. Over 5,000 feet of development has been done on the property, the deepest shaft being down about 268 feet. A No. 7 Cameron sinking pump, pumping about 200 gallons a minute is used to keep the mine clear of water."

"At present about 40 men are employed at the mine. For the last six weeks they have been engaged in transporting a 100-ton jacket smelter plant from [the train at] Flagstaff and putting it up. They expect to blow in the smelter about September 1, and a large force of men will then be employed. ---Wickenburg News."

(The Coconino Sun; Flagstaff; August 24, 1901; page 5.)

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