Wed, April 01

Be Fit Fit! Are You Truly Motivated?

A question: When you think of your fitness or non-fitness goals, do you smile? Do you at least smile to yourself, you know, deep inside? You should! This is one of the best ways to tell that you are intrinsically motivated, that you are not motivated by your friends, partner, the secret wishes of your pet or by the harsh comments of your ex's grandma. When you think of, say, running that 5K in the spring, and you smile - this is a great sign. It means you want it for yourself and your wanting comes from deep inside of you, and is not the result of the whimsy daydreaming of your pal.

Now, once you get that beautiful, broad smile on your face, it is time to see how you are going to achieve your goal. Plot. Create a plan. Even if it is a secret plan. Push towards your goals daily. I understand too well the lack of motivation to get up early on December 18th to practice that one mile swim, for example. But once you have the goal, the type of goal for which you smile while thinking of it, you will do it. You will, actually, set the alarm clock for 5AM to swim before work. You will prep your googles, the cutest swimsuit and the swimming cap in your bag, along with the change of the work clothes you need for the rest of your day. You will get to the bed early in anticipation of that early rise, sleep till' the alarm really gets to your system and you will even have a prepared nutritious, healthy and full of good stuff breakfast on the kitchen countertop. You will eat it, and head out. Simply. You will get into your car, while 90% of the town population is still

asleep, and you will drive to that pool. You will stop to let an occasional javelina or a sleepy coyote pass and you will get to the Club. You will change into the swimsuit and get out, your breath steaming out of your mouth. You will plunge into the warmth of the pool waters and do your laps. You will, secretly, smile to yourself that you did it again: you set your mind on your goal, you set your clock, you prepared your clothes and all, and yes, you are in that cold water, which, comparing with your external environment seems to be warm enough to swim your morning mile. The Mile which will lead you to your future success. You will complete your mile, get out of that pool and feel chilly for the moment. You will "reward" yourself with the super-quick shower and perhaps two minutes and a half in the dry sauna, and off you go! Dress, drive to work, work, then drive back home, do more chores, take care of your family and. sleep. All with THAT secret smile on your lips, becaus e YOU know YOU did it. Again. Remember: I always cheer for you and I am so very proud of you!

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