Tue, Feb. 25

Fountain of youth is full of dumbbells

One of the major problems we face as we go through the aging process, is we tend to move our bodies less and less. As balance wanes and lean muscle mass & endurance decrease, we can feel less confident.

Leading a less-active physical life slowly diminishes our overall conditioning. Our choices become more limited and we can suffer a loss of Quality of Life. Money and longevity aren't as enjoyable if you aren't planning adventures, or are too scared to try, because you have a loss of function that ultimately causes a loss of confidence.

Successful workouts foster a sense of confidence that is intrinsic ... and becomes infectious. When you sink your teeth into fitness, when you overcome a physical challenge that you have been struggling with, you start to mimic that intensity, bravery & success. You become psyched about the future again!

First and foremost, compliance is key. You need to see fitness as necessary. You have to understand that for fitness to work, it has to be a Lifestyle. There is no quick fix.

Often times, there is a lack of knowledge about how to regain our fitness that can lead to a fear of working out. "How do I safely get back in shape?" "What do I do?" "How often should I do it?" "What about proper form?" "I don't want to hurt myself."

We need a plan. We need to be accountable. We need to be motivated by someone, so that we will commit, and follow through with our workouts. That's where a personal trainer who specializes in Fitness Over Fifty can help.

I have personally been working out for 32 years, 16 of them spent training older adults. Being 52, I understand limitations, injuries & cranky parts. I know how to work around them. I know how to push just the right amount so that you improve, not fail.

To help clients meet and exceed their goals, I take a slow, steady approach to fitness. We work on basic skills of strength, balance, agility & flexibility. We build slowly and increase in difficulty over time. Skills and strengths can vary from day to day and workout to workout. What is important is to show up, and to focus on performing at your best, in that moment, on that day. Eventually, clients will have the thrill of attaining a Personal Best, and then another, and then another...

When clients master the physical tasks that I give them, they are so full of the pride of accomplishment, it just starts spilling over into all areas of their lives. They start to become more confident and adventurous. It really expands their worlds in a profound way. It's why I am so passionate about training older people. I get to help them keep Living Life Out Loud!!

SOLID ROCK FITNESS, is a One-on-One Fitness Studio that specializes in Fitness Over 50. To learn more about my practice, visit or call 928-301-0209.

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