Tue, Jan. 28

Reflecting back on 2015

It is always good as we bring in the New Year to take stock of what has been accomplished in the prior year, and reflect particularly, on the major changes and challenges that were faced.

At VOCA, the single most significant aspect of 2015 was the undertaking of an organizational change that has resulted in what we envision, will be a successful and sustainable model.

This singular endeavor touched every facet of our operation, starting with changes in the organizational structure, the leadership team, our operational practices, our workflow processes, and in our internal policies.

The structure shifted from a model of one General Manager with oversight of both the Homeowners Association (HOA) and Golf Operations, to a dual leadership model where experts (HOAMCO) were hired to manage our HOA functions, along with providing administrative and financial services to our Golf Operation.

HOAMCO identified a seasoned Community Association Manager, Deb Brewer, to lead us in this effort. Our Golf Operations team had been going through a time of instability and transition with the turnover of several Head and Assistant Golf Professionals. This time, to fill these positions, we focused on our internal talent by promoting our very capable leadership team of Bill Czekai, as General Manager/Superintendent of Golf Operations, Heather Risk, as Head Golf Professional, and Emanuel Radoccia, as First Assistant. It became quickly evident that the best people to fill our openings were the team members already in place with proven track records for excellence.

Our changes in operations and workflow processes led to many months of transitioning and refinement for both HOA Administration and Golf Operations, and although there are still minor adjustments to be made, overall, we now work more efficiently and effectively.

Strategically, we have a better understanding of our short, mid, and long-term needs. VOCA hired a professional consultant to do a reserve study of our HOA and Golf Operations.

That study has been completed and is available to our interested VOCA members to review. This provides us with better data to proactively help in preparing our annual budgets, and creating appropriate plans to fund reserves to the best of our financial ability.

The Master Plan Committee, and Bill Czekai additionally worked with a consultant to create a Golf Master Plan for our Oakcreek Country Club. This too will help in determining where to place our emphasis in the near and long term, to ensure a sound strategy for maintaining our golf course and protecting VOCA's very important asset.

Speaking of asset protection, there was a lot done in our community center to ensure the value of this holding. Many major deferred maintenance items were attended to, and new carpeting, painting, extensive cleaning, replacement of traditional lights with LED's, stucco repair, were but a few activities that helped to safeguard the worth of this property.

But when we look at preservation of our assets, it is the responsibility of VOCA as a community association to look beyond our golf course, common grounds, and walls of our community center, and look at the neighborhoods that make up our Village of Oakcreek Association. In this respect, the board asked HOAMCO to revamp the compliance process to be more consistent in the way we manage this area.

Since the beginning of 2015, various owners have been contacted regarding approximately 500 violations. To date, eighty-eight percent of these issues have been corrected and mostly within (10) days of receiving the initial Courtesy Notice. 

Many residents have commented on how VOCA is looking a lot better. For this, we would like to thank all owners for acting promptly. It is our common goal to keep our community looking beautiful. Sometime in January, HOAMCO will provide full year metrics to our VOCA members, so please stay tuned.

Now that 2015 is behind us, it will be time to finish our reflections, and actively engage in 2016.

One initiative that is shortly to launch for VOCA is a new web portal hosted by Caliber Software System. This is the latest technology in association management software that HOAMCO has invested in, to enhance their customers' experience.

The software is intuitive, has a fully functional mobile app, and provides 24/7, secure, real-time transparency to VOCA information. Boards, Committees, and VOCA members will have appropriate access to documents and reports. Each homeowner will have access to appropriate community information as well as their personal data and history as it relates to the property owned. As we near the official launch, more information and instructions will follow.

Every New Year brings with it, fresh opportunities to fulfill our resolutions and renew our focus.

Here's hoping that in doing so, we all have a healthy, prosperous, and joy-filled 2016, where as they say, "all our hopes and dreams come true."

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