Wed, April 01

Be Fit Fit! Focus!

Have you noticed how much time at the gym is lost on unnecessary small talk? Whenever I pass by any of the "big" gyms in the area, I observe, with horror, how some gym members come mostly to exercise their maxillofacial muscles while chatting with the other gym-goers. To me, exercising your facial muscles is not the primary goal of visiting a gym. Even today at one of the big gyms I kept glancing at quite a substantial group of people, formed by the regular members of that gym, as they congregated in the narrowest passage area of the room. One sat down, the other leaned against the wall and some others simply stood around, mindlessly shifting their weight from one leg onto the other. Some had coffee cups in their hands. One also had a snack (ah, you know, surely one of these fat-free, sugar-free and gluten-free chunks which do not end in our muffin top). And they chatted and chatted. for probably at least 40 minutes. I successfully run most of my abdo minal workout, while they kept talking about some truly insignificant stuff. Then, only one remained in the workout room to train, while the rest of them left either to get more coffee or to the locker room - session accomplished! Yep. After all, they came to the gym. They changed into the workout clothes. They got into the training room. They spent "their time" in the workout room. They even met the fellow fitness aficionados and exchanged some words with them. Mission fulfilled?

Along the same note, I oftentimes observe how people have full-blown snack breaks between the fitness classes. I understand the exciting social aspect of these congregations, but I don't think they should be routinely done at any gym. There are better places to do it. I do not think, either, that eating at any gym should be a standard. We run the danger of eating more than we burn - the facial muscles are not the biggest, therefore, they do not burn much calories while being trained.

And, once I am at it, fiddling with the TV remote control(s) and your cell phones exercises only the small finger muscles. Not worth it. Do yourself and your body a favor and forget about all the media and social media for that hour or so. Train with intensity and with focus, not with the goal of "surviving this or that amount of minutes at the dreaded gym" by reading the FB posts.

What about going to your respective gym with the clearly-defined purpose of exercising your body? With a plan, what body part you are going to exercise and for how long? What about completing your training without losing time on anything else but. your workout? You even do not get the same effect on your muscles if you train them without thinking of the particular muscle at work and without the proper inhalation/exhalation as you work out. Do not lose your time on distracting yourself from the task at hand, i.e. your workout. By not engaging in the small talk or repeating the same old jokes, you also make a favor and make life easier for those of us who want to go to the gym to, actually. work out.

As to me, I truly appreciate no small talk while I am at it. To the point of, sometimes, contemplating creation of a T-shirt which I could wear and which would say: "Talk to you later!" or something similar.

See you (training your big muscles) at the gyms nearby!

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