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Verde Heritage -- 1912: New United Verde Smelter Planned

The new Cedar Glade and Verde Valley Railroad is to be completed by September, then construction of the new smelter will begin. The smelter will double the capacity of the old plant and will be of the most modern design possible. A third furnace was blown-in at the smelter in Jerome.

"In an interview with General Manager Chas. W. Clark on Wednesday afternoon, the editor was informed that it was the intention of the contractors on the Cedar Glade and Verde Valley railroad to have the road completed to the smelter site by September."

"Engineer Maguire of the Salt Lake road was here last week and said three locating engineers arrived yesterday. The first work will begin at the 1000 foot tunnel and the road will be built from this point to the smelter site, a distance of about six miles, broad gauge, with a maximum grade of about 4 per cent. Shea engines will be used on this branch, and it is hoped to complete this six miles of road within six months."

"Bids for this work will be asked as soon as locating engineers have completed this work. Subsequent to this will follow the continuation of this road to the town of Jerome."

"In speaking of the Cedar Glade and Verde Valley railroad Mr. Clark said:"

"'I do not think that the road will stop at the smelter site, but will be continued on down through the valley, giving farmers a market for their produce. With a road convenient for the farmers the great haul so detrimental to fruits would be avoided and the fruits would reach the markets in better condition. Warehouses and cold storage plants can be erected and the magnificent fruits reach the market of the world in prime condition.'"

"In speaking of the smoke problem the gentleman said he did not anticipate any trouble from this cause. Every precaution will be taken to do away with all poisonous elements. The smoke from the ores of the United Verde mine contain no antimony or arsenic, as do those of Montana, and which cause so much disaster. The stack at the valley smelter will be 400 feet in height. All modern appliances for the destruction of poisonous gasses will be installed at the plant, and he confidently believes that the beautiful orchards will not suffer."

"The farms of the Sheas, the Jordans, Humberts, Perchaurs, Haskells, etc. have all been placed under the supervision of Will A. Jordan, and he will, with a large force of men employed, bring them into a higher state of cultivation than ever before."

"Of the present smelter and its continuance Mr. Clark said it would continue in operation for two years."

"Speaking of Jerome and her future, he did not think it would make any difference for with the increased smelter capacity a larger force of men would be put to work in and about the mine. Jerome will continue to have about the same number of men employed as at this time."

"The smelter and shops will be located in the valley, and will employ from four to five hundred men, says the Copper Belt."

"The capacity of the new smelter will be 6,000,000 pounds per month, or more than twice that of the present plant, which has been running short the past year, owing to the settling of some of the machinery which has caused a shortage of power for production."

"The new smelter will be primarily for the United Verde ores, but there will be a complete sampling plant in order to sample and treat ores from outside districts, which might be advantageous. This will apply particularly to silicious ores or precious metals, which they will treat in connection with ferruginous copper ores."

"Mr. Clark said he felt confident that this smelter would open up mines in the Bradshaws and Mohave county, and generally throughout the state."

"The United Verde is now treating 100 tons of ore per day from Ludlow, Cal., and will soon be treating 150 tons per day. This ore is treated directly in the basic lined converters, the ore having the effect of protecting the lining of the converters by taking up and combining with the large excess of iron and sulphur in the mat, leaving its own copper, silver and gold values to be recovered in the converter."

"C. H. Repath is designing the plans for the new smelter. This gentleman has a world-wide reputation in his line, having been associated with others in designing the Washoe smelter at Anaconda, Mont., the largest plant in the world, the Cerro de Pasco in Chili, and has himself designed and completed the International at Tooele, Utah, and has designed the Calumet & Arizona and the Arizona Copper in this state. Mr. Repath hopes to have his final plans ready to submit in about ninety days."

"There are many improvements and substantial repairs about the present smelter, including much new machinery. The third furnace was blown in yesterday."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; February 28, 1912; page 3.)

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