Wed, Feb. 26

Verde Valley Leadership students complete mid-year skills day

CLARKDALE -- Class IX of Verde Valley Leadership reached its midyear mark, and as part of the training, conducted a workshop on Feb. 20 at the Clark Memorial Clubhouse.

VVLs' vision is to "inspire individuals to action," with the belief that people who care and contribute are necessary for a healthy community, continued in their efforts to further their leadership skills at the all-day event.

The day began with a review of the Vision, Mission and Goals training -- a pivotal piece to the program. Conducted by husband-and-wife team Al and Jodie Filardo of the Filardo Group, each class member provided a formal presentation of their Vision, Mission, and Goals, with a progress summary.

Board President, Greg Feltmann led a discussion about Servant Leadership, as developed by Robert Greenleaf. Participants discussed service leaders of the past and present, and the impact they have on the world.

Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition was the focus of Dan Engler's presentation Leading at the Edge. Ernest Shackleton's failed expedition provides an abundance of leadership challenges in an extreme situation. Following a video documentary, Engler led the group through an in-depth understanding of the expedition, the character and leadership abilities necessary for success.

Morgan Scott, an alumni member, helped the group understand John Maxwell's "Thinking for a Change," and the concept of 100-percent commitment to outcome. Decisions based on change, "when this happens, this is what I'll do," analyzing what can go wrong, and planning for what happens when things change, becomes a powerful tool in leadership.

Chris Heyer, an alumni member and board member, followed up with a review of personality color analysis initiated in the September Retreat. Leadership in a "color" matrix helps individuals recognize different personality types and encourages ways to work with everyone.

The next issue day for the class will take place on March 20 and discuss the issues of education and youth in the Verde Valley. For more information about this class, apply for the next class, or find out more please visit

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