Fri, July 19

Letters: Cabin did not have local historical significance


RE: We've Lost an important piece of Verde Valley history.

Cabin removed at Dead Horse Ranch State Park, from North Campground area.

Mr. Emery Kauzlarich owned the property where the cabin was prior to it becoming part of the Verde River Greenway. He moved the cabin to this location sometime between 1978 and 1992. The cabin was located at this site for only a short time before the property was purchased by AZ State Parks in 1992.

Mr. Kauzlarich had a ranching business called Emery Land and Cattle; he used this cabin on his summer range when he ran cattle south of Flagstaff near Munds Park. When he retired from cattle ranching he moved all of his operations and equipment to his 80 acres near Dead Horse Ranch State Park. His original house on this hill burnt down in the late 1970's or early 1980's. His plan was to replace his residence with this cabin.

After the cabins was moved onto his property Mr. Kauzlarich became ill and never got the cabins rebuilt and ready to live in. After his death his widow had an auction and sold off the equipment and buildings on it before the property was sold to AZ State Parks in 1992. The cabins were sold to a local rancher and the better part of the two cabins was moved off the property while the more decrepit portion stayed on site.

This cabin, even though it was very rustic and looked impressive, was not part of the historical Dead Horse Ranch State Park or the Verde Valley and had deteriorated over the years becoming an attractive nuisance as well as a safety hazard. Since this cabin had no historical significance to the Verde Valley and after consultation with AZ State Historic Preservation Office, removing it was the option decided upon.

S. Max Castillo, Park Ranger IV

Verde River Greenway State Natural Area