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Sedona Pathways ... our daily journey Jan. 12, 2015

The hen widgeon in the photo seems to have an aura of innocence about her and the coot had just initiated a get out of town maneuver looking for a little peace in his pursuit for food.

Made it to church . well kinda . then some time at the columbarium and off to breakfast at NY Bagel and thence to the ponds. The plan had been to fly after breakfast, but with clouds hanging below airport level and some of the red rock tops barely below the next set of clouds I abandoned that idea. Take offs are optional . it is the mandatory part of flight that was the issue . landing. After picking up some wheat grass for One it was down to the ponds. After walking all the ponds I decided to spend an hour or so just sitting on the concrete steps that go down into the ponds and got some fascinating shots. The widgeons and the coots have a kind of symbiotic relationship . the coots dive and come up with a beak full of seaweed to eat and the widgeons share in the bounty and do not attempt to get their own. I've seldom see any waterfowl work so hard to gather food . and without any real resistance shares it with other waterfowl. I like this shot of the coot too because it has a very clear view of the medallion that the males sport . almost looks like a third eye. Also was shooting with the new Canon 100/400 mm lens today and exceptionally pleased with the crisp images you can get with it. Thanks again to Eldar at Photocraft of Burke, Va for getting this lens into my hands. Out of the box it is one of the best lenses I have shot with and next comes the try with the 1.4 extender to convert it to a 140/560 lens. Focus is very fast on it. Check out the website and you will find it a good place to buy your camera gear; I have been buying everything from them for about 12 years now. and use my name if you call or contact them.

It is raining now and sounds beautiful on the skylights . an incentive to finish this up and go to sleep listening to it come down. Probably no flying until Wednesday this week . got five flights in last week. I'm in a tossing mood now so looks like image deletions will be on tap for the next couple of days. Hope your weekend was filled with joy and carry it into the new week . beats not doing so.

Cheers . share your joy and smile


I'll not bother to reform myself today.

Perhaps tomorrow --- if it is raining,

and I must stay indoors, and meditate

on the shortcomings of life.

Max Ehrmann

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