Sun, July 21

Mingus girls basketball looks to get back on track
Marauders fall to Bradshaw, come back to beat Wickenburg twice

Mingus’ Vivian Koeppe (21) tries to recover the ball from behind Bradshaw’s Elah Alvis (30) as the Lady Bears take on the Mingus Lady Marauders last Wednesday night in Prescott Valley. Photo courtesy of Les Stukenberg/The Daily Courier

Mingus’ Vivian Koeppe (21) tries to recover the ball from behind Bradshaw’s Elah Alvis (30) as the Lady Bears take on the Mingus Lady Marauders last Wednesday night in Prescott Valley. Photo courtesy of Les Stukenberg/The Daily Courier

Mingus Union High School girls basketball has had some ups and downs this season. Last week was probably one of the better weeks of the season for the Marauders. Mingus lost its first game of the week at Bradshaw Mountain High School. But, the team responded. The Marauders won at Wickenburg on Thursday. Then beat Wickenburg again, this time at home on Saturday.

The Bradshaw loss was ugly for the Marauders. They lost 52-32. Head coach Dave Moncibaez said several things hurt his team in the loss.

"Turnovers," Moncibaez said. "I believe that we could have pressed Bradshaw. But, I've had a key player out for a whole week now. With a really important player out, we were unable to press them. The game got away because of turnovers. That's what we wanted to do to them and instead it happened to us. So, the game just got away from us."

That player who missed all of last week is sophomore Nieja Garner. Moncibaez said he hopes to get Garner back this week.

After the loss, Mingus had a short turnaround. The Marauders had to play at Wickenburg the next day. They won 49-44. Statistical leaders for the team were, Angelyna Razo, Razo had 19 points and two assists. Sharon Rehborg had 10 points and eight rebounds. Destiny Razo chipped in 10 points and four assists.

Moncibaez said it was a little surprising to him his team played so well on the second night of a back to back.

"We had to change things a little bit," he said. "We ended up trying to press them and Destiny Razo stepped up on the press. Which caused a lot of problems. Her sister, Angelyna Razo caught fire early in the game. Her 19 points really helped. They started chasing her in the second half and Sharon Rehborg was able to put up 10 points."

He added the might have been close because his team was tired.

"We kind of anticipated we'd be a little flat because we played the night before," Moncibaez said. "The girls really stepped up toward the end of the game and really come up with some big points."

When the Marauders played Wickenburg on Saturday, the game was much different. Mingus on this game 49-32.

Statistical leaders for Mingus in this game, was Rehborg, she had 19 points, seven rebounds and three assists. Destiny Razo had 10 points and 3 assists. Angelina Razo added eight points and six assists.

Moncibaez said the key for his team in this win was less mistakes.

"We took care of the ball a lot better," he said. "We kind of anticipated they would chase Angelyna, our shooting guard. Because they did so at the end of the first game. So I really challenged the other players to relieve that. Because we knew they were going to chase her. And Sharon Rehborg had a huge game. Destiny (Razo) was really effective on the press. Kylie Streck stepped up too."

He mentioned it was a collective effort from the team.

"Really it was an all-around team effort," Moncibaez said. "We knew they were going to chase Angelyna. So we prepared for that."

The one downside for the Marauders' week is that Wickenburg is not in their section. Bradshaw is a sectional opponent. Moncibaez added it was a little frustrating to lose the only sectional game of the three.

"It is disappointing," he said. "I would have liked to have had more players on the bench. We pulled through with what we had. The girls were really ready for that game. But, things happened and we couldn't get back into it. We went into halftime only down by five. "

He added the start of the second half is what hurt his team.

"One of their girls hit three three-point shots right at the start," Monciabaez said. "We couldn't get back into the game after that. That was one of the games that we could have, should have won. The game was a lot closer than what the score looked like. But, it was not in our favor."

Next for the Marauders, they will play Coconino High School at home on Thursday. Then on Friday, they will play again at home against Kingman High School.

Moncibaez said his team can win both games.

"We need to get into each game early," he said. "We can beat both teams."

But, he added both will also be a challenge.

"Last year, both teams made their section playoffs," Moncibaez said. "Both teams also made the state tournament. A lot of people returned on those teams. I believe we can really compete against them. I've looked at scores and schedules of who they've played. Our whole point is, we can't get behind early. Maybe get ahead a little bit early. And that's what it usually takes for us to be more successful."