Sun, Jan. 26

Be Fit Fit! Eat Your Way to Health!

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

Why do you still eat food which is not good for you?

We are very well aware that packaged, processed foods, full of chemicals, colorants, strange multi-syllabic names of mysterious ingredients and lurking additives are not real food and, most likely, are actually harmful to your health. Even some foods with the heart healthy label cannot be compared to the benefits of real food. Real food is fresh, unprocessed and, most likely, bought either in the grocery aisle or at the local Farmer's Market. Usually, it can go bad quite quickly. Food which is bad for you cannot. Good food often consists on one ingredient: itself and you won't find a never-ending list of suspiciously-ingredients on it.

Now, challenge yourself for the next 10 days to eat exclusively good food. I bet you can muster not eating packaged bars and snacks, candies, baked stuff. cakes, sugar, maple and any other types of syrups, bread, crackers, chips, ready-to-reheat lunches, dinners and breakfasts from the frozen section, and anything which contains several ingredients or more! I do not mean you should go on any diet. In fact, I pretty much hate the word "diet" itself and always stress that it is nutrition, not diet. We want to nurture our bodies to feel good, not diet ourselves to the point of almost fainting! So, feel free to indulge in organic vegetables and fruits (watch out for the sugar content in the fruits, though!), salmon, tilapia, tuna and sardines, lean meat, skinless, bone-less chicken breasts, tons of eggs and/or egg whites, seeds and nuts (of course! Those of you who have been reading me for a while know well that I "go nuts!" daily.).

Try scrambled egg whites or eggs with kale, spinach and bell peppers for your breakfast. Or go for steel-cut oats, which you pre-soak overnight, just heat them up before serving for a minute, add a couple of spoons of plain, non-fat Greek yoghurt, and top with a variety of berries and grapes. Yummmm!!!! Ban breakfast sausages, bacon, pre-packed cereals, grains, bars and syrupy pancakes! These are not real, good food. If you do not eat your lunch at home, prepare a lunch box for yourself. Make sure there are some tomatoes, dark greens, lean chicken breasts or a slice of lean turkey or fish in your lunch box. For dinner, again, go organic and go lean: chicken, lean meat, whose name possibly ends in "loin", (like, for example, in "sirloin"), grilled fish, any kind of beans for their protein content, quinoa, wild rice, dark green salad, containing some kale, spinach and arugula, asparagus, broccoli, bok choi, cauliflower. Healthy options are endless! On top of all that yummy food challenge, add some regular exercise to your day, and you'll rock your abs of steel in a matter of weeks! Stay Fit-Fit!

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