Sun, Dec. 15

Sedona Pathways ... our daily journey June 10, 2015

I have had more of One's fans requesting more images of her . what better way than to include an image of her during a photo shoot . an astral shoot at that. I think it is because she is strictly an indoor cat that there are fewer opportunities to get shots of her. Most of the photos I took of Nimbus and Q were outdoors when I would sit on the deck with Corky and for whatever reason I don't seem to do that anymore. But since she likes to do her form of exercise whilst I do mine I have started grabbing a camera and shooting her.

A busy and long day today . but a good one. Hope to have the Power Point presentation to serve as the backdrop for Anthony's concert done tomorrow. A lot of work, but how bad can it be when i get to listen to his music and work on images to fit the composition playing? Seems like the day will be very nice from where I sit. Been listening to his Heavenly Guitar album while working on this image tonight . that and picking up the contents of my waste basket several times . One has developed a unique talent for upending it and spilling the contents when she is not getting enough attention.

Time for a wrap to the day . life is such a neat gift . each and every one of us gets to choose how we spend the moment and how we perceive it. So wear a smile as you go through the day and chuckle when your waste basket gets upended . it is okay . really :+)



While yet we talk and linger late at parting, And this say o'er each day as my last words, Success will come by love and trust and work.

Max Ehrmann

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