Thu, July 18

Letter: Let the recall folks pay for this election


OK, let me see if I have this right. Wischmeyer is doing a recall on a council that is making good strides for the Community, with 331 signatures, out of a Town that has 12,000 residents, at the cost of $30,000 that the Town does not have.

Am I understanding that right?

First of all we should have a food tax like Cottonwood. The other troublemaker in town headed up that debate and got it thrown out and then stands up at every council meeting and tells the Town they don't have the money to pay for anything. What's up with that?

How many residents food shop in Cottonwood as they have cheaper prices than Bashas'? (Sounds like that's supporting Cottonwood!) And Wischmeyer is complaining about .65 sales tax that the Town did pass in order to do some of the capital improvements we desperately need. She originally said she initiated the recall because Council voted for the .65 tax, then after she got the signatures she needed, she says it's not because of the tax but about getting a government who cares about this town. Council is at every meeting, they do care about this town, how many of those 331 people have been there to see where those tax dollars are going to be spent.

There has only been a handful of people at the budget meetings, certainly not 300 or even a hundred for that matter. Sounds to me like she is proving more and more that she just enjoys stirring up trouble. I think the only thing she had in mind was the fact that she wanted to be on the Council. Will she vote everything down so we can't move ahead at all? Council is trying to help move the Town forward in the right direction, to get some new business's in Town, to create more jobs, to help keep our citizens and future citizens here to make this town what it should be.

Is there any way to stop this election that we have no money for or how about she pay for it? Maybe she could get the other 331 people that signed the petition to help her pay for it! That's only $90.64 each. If they really care that's not a lot of money to put up front. So how about it Cheri?

Bobbie Tennant

Camp Verde