Tue, June 25

Letter: We are here to help on highway clean-up efforts


Tire Pro Automotive of Camp Verde and Sedona would like to join other local businesses and provide free coffee and doughnuts for all of our local Adopt-A-Highway groups that participate in the Aug. 15 litter recovery event.

We hope residents and Adopt-A-Highway groups plan ahead and join forces to make a difference in the appearance of our highways. We also hope that this combined effort will strengthen the bond of the residents of the Verde Valley through participation in this event.

To help us better serve your Adopt-A-Highway group, please call us in advance and let us know what your group name is and how many doughnuts you need to pick up at our Sedona and Camp Verde stores.

We wish to support of this effort since we believe that the image and economy of our community partially depends on the efforts of the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway groups that keep our highways clean.

Tire Pro Automotive will continue to provide free coffee and doughnuts to the Verde Valley, ADOT Adopt-A-Highway groups that clean our highways on the third Saturdays of August 15 and November 21, 2015. Our Saturday store hours of operation are from 8am-2pm.

We at Tire Pro Automotive hope that other Verde Valley businesses will join us in our efforts to thank and reward the many Adopt-A-Highway groups that make the Verde Valley and Yavapai County more appealing to our local residents and visitors.

Don Hanks

Owner Tire Pro Automotive

Camp Verde