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It's art walk weekend in Jerome

Hanna Flagg shows her new work at Made in Jerome Pottery, opening Match 7th during Jerome Art Walk. The show is titled ‘Obvara." Stop by to find out about this ancient firing technique.

Hanna Flagg shows her new work at Made in Jerome Pottery, opening Match 7th during Jerome Art Walk. The show is titled ‘Obvara." Stop by to find out about this ancient firing technique.

Jerome Art Walk keeps its momentum going on March 7th, approaching the spring season with more artistic energy and wonderful talent than ever before.  

Every first Saturday, the creative community of Jerome is pleased to host an evening of art, music and entertainment with open studios and galleries displaying local, regional and national artistic treasures. New members have joined the group and are planning special events throughout the town on March 7th from 5-8 p.m. A free shuttle runs during the event. Restaurants will offer delightful meals and charming lodging choices abound for a delightful nights stay for those who might enjoy making a weekend of it.

Made in Jerome Pottery was established in 1972. Owner David Hall and artist Jane Moore make pottery on site. The showroom features work by many potters and artists from the area. This month, Made in Jerome Pottery features the new work of ceramic artist Hanna Flagg, The show is called Obvara.  Obvara is an ancient firing technique, which is seeing a revival these days. It originated in the Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus and is also called Baltic Raku among other names.

Obvara means, "scalding" as in burning with hot liquid or steam. In this process the red hot pot is pulled from the kiln and plunged into a mixture of flour, yeast and sugar that has been fermenting for a few days then quickly dunked into a bucket of water to stop the scalding action, which gives the pot a random design of blacks and browns.  

Hanna's pots are decorative only, but in the old days this process was used to seal the pots in absence of a glaze so they could have been used for cooking and to eat from which to eat. Baltic Raku is experiencing a revival and promoted by Jane Jermyn from Ireland it has been spreading around the world thanks to facebook and her generosity in sharing this exciting technique. Stop by to see this experimental work and enjoy music by David Hall and Pat Jacobson.

Contestant Tim McClellan, fresh off the set of Ellen's Design Challenge is Western Heritage Gallery's "meet-n-greet" artist for the March 7th Art Walk in Jerome from 5 to 8 p.m. Founder of Western Heritage Furniture, McClellan has been one of six furniture designers put to the test in various challenges designing and building amazing furniture creations on the hit HGTV show conceptualized by television icon Ellen DeGeneres.

With a workshop, a lead carpenter - Chip Wade - and all the tools he needed, he has progressed through the competition, and as of press time, is a finalist for the $100,000 grand prize.

In 1994, McClellan took over the old 14,000-square-foot Mingus Union High School gymnasium in Jerome and opened Western Heritage Furniture, crafting furniture from old structures reclaimed from all parts of the United States. With his extraordinary designs and craftsmanship, Western Heritage Furniture has grown into a world-renowned custom furniture company.

Through a series of Western Heritage YouTube videos, DeGeneres discovered McClellan's talent and invited him to be on the show.Western Heritage Gallery, located at 208 Main Street, is the official Jerome showroom for Western Heritage Furniture.

New Age Drinks is ecstatic to announce "Honeymoon Suite," an exhibition of works by Justin Hunter Allen and Lucy Kirkman. They will be traveling to Jerome after their wedding in Dallas to exhibit a suite of works that engage with the whereabouts and doings of a honeymoon journey.  

Corresponding with New Age Drinks, Kirkman said, "Our working idea is to make installations/works en route and photograph them, [then] get the prints at a photo kiosk to show, and [have] a form of an ASCII travel journal." Kirkman and Allen work in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography and theater, and have exhibited both nationally and internationally. Together they founded and ran two art galleries, Studio DTFU in Dallas, TX and Serendipity in Onemo, VA. In the communities where they have worked, both Allen and Kirkman have earned reputations as risk-taking, adventurous, and accomplished artists who constantly question the status quo of art made today. Do not miss the opportunity to meet these exciting artists during the March 7th Art Walk at New Age Drinks, upstairs in Building B at the Old Jerome High School.

"Up Our Sleeves" is a show of new works by mixed media artists Michele Naylor and Marjorie Claus at the Jerome Artists' Cooperative Gallery. In mixed media art, artists combine a number of mediums to create a single image. Naylor firmly believes that people need more color in their daily lives. Colors can evoke emotions or stir memories. They can soothe, startle, move and delight us.  As fabric has always been a part of her life, the tactile and colorful qualities of fabric are a major influence in her new abstract pieces. In them, Naylor allows colors, textures and shapes to guide her as she intuitively composes abstract paintings.

"These new works feel like a journey. By giving up a little control, I'm discovering things about myself, and for now, I'm enjoying a very colorful ride."

Claus shares a similar love of color and texture.  A creator of batik art since the early 1970s, she is now introducing paintings that combine colorful batiks with acrylic and digital collage. In these works she explores incorporating cave art and petroglyph forms in the images. Doing so enables her to express influences from her travels to ancient sites and primitive regions.  "My break-through came when I decided to cut up some of my batiks and incorporate them as collaged elements on a canvas. I am thrilled with how this step has brought me to the doorstep of even more possibilities."

Jerome Artists' Cooperative Gallery invites you to view "Up Our Sleeves" Art walk opening, March 7 from 5-8 p.m. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided. Janice Paul will be playing inventive interpretations of the Great American Songbook and other classic jazz tunes on the keyboard. Show runs March 6 to April 29. Jerome Artists' Cooperative Gallery at 502 Main Street, Jerome.

Visit Spirit Dancer Fine Art  - Angel Lightfeathers' Art Studio at Old Jerome High School Building A Studio 204B (second studio on the left) to view a collection of beautiful renderings of Opera Stars from the 1800's. The works are rich with intricate designs and technical details. Known for her beautiful Spirit Horses Angel Lightfeather will do a reading for you during Art Walk based on the horse that picks you. It is fun and a most intriguing experience.

Pura Vida Gallery will debut the work of artist Gerald Croteau during the March 7th Jerome Art Walk.  Gerald and his studio, American Stonecraft, create beautiful polished stone serving slabs from the metamorphic fieldstones gathered from New England farms.  Join Pura Vida for champagne, chocolates, and cheeses served on these elegant stone slabs from  5-8 p.m. on the evening of the Jerome Art Walk.

Cody DeLong just returned from a successful show in Tubac, AZ where he won an award for 'Overall Body of work'. He's recently completed several moody rainy scenes of Jerome from our storms a few weeks ago. Come in and see these new Jerome scenes as well as some new desert Saguaro works. Cody DeLong Studio 300 Hull Ave, next to Spook Hall. 928-300-4576 Live music and refreshments.

Please Join Zen Mountain Galley for March Art Walk as the gallery welcomes Donald Voss back as featured artist. Donald Voss' works of ink on paper, watercolor and handmade books reflect his diverse personal and academic background.

Voss incorporates and expresses Eastern and Western influences ranging from his undergrad in Asian Studies and an additional degree in Book Arts and Print making, to living in Japan, and also finding spiritual meaning in the Native American cultures of his ancestry, as well as teaching at both the high school and college level. Voss says of his work: "as an artist my work sustains a dance of evolving awareness. My creations record, tell stories of a path of wonder-knowledge. But they require the participant to decode the work in their own terms.

The images are glyphs, maps, diagrams, pictures, recordings, awareness of the precious mystery of the world, knowing all the time, the beauty and intensity of each breath." Please join us in Zen Mountain Gallery at 515 Main Street from 5-8pm Saturday March 7th for food, wine and this opportunity to purchase Donald Voss' art with him in the gallery.

Gallery 527 continues to feature its stable of wonderful local artists and features new vases by Mary Phoenix as well as some intricate cups and bases with beautiful red roses by this prolific ceramic artist.

Ramona Stites is showing some new graphic paintings which pair well with her vibrant landscapes and Marian Ward's newest goddess and tree of life charms are in high demand. Susan Pitcairn, Sallie Cross and Ardis Harsche all have new paintings that are sure to delight their many collectors. Lorraine Fexas will be delivering a new group of her fascinating fused glass bottles, perfect for a unique gift for yourself or a friend.

Stop by Gallery 527 for the usual great evening of art, conversation and refreshments from 5 to 8 pm on March 7th. For more information, contact Donna at 928.301.3004 or visit

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