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Verde Heritage -- 1972: Nettie Peach Recounts History

"By Jesse and Margaret Goddard."

"We talked with Nettie Peach the other day and gathered more information of historical interest about the Verde Valley."

"Nettie was 10 months old when she arrived in the Verde Valley in 1894, from her native Pagosa Springs, Colo. He father, William Goddard, had come to the valley, in the present Cottonwood area, in 1890, and stayed for a while with his aunt and uncle, Al and Callie Strahan, early settlers in the upper part of the valley."

"The Strahans had a store just south of where the present Cottonwood jail is now, and a saloon just below it on the river."

"At that time the town of Cottonwood was generally referred to as 'Upper Verde,' and there was 'Middle Verde,' 'The Post,' as Camp Verde was called, and 'Lower Verde.' It is unclear when the name 'Cottonwood' became generally used, but the post office and the name were established in 1885. Camp Verde was referred to as 'The Post' for many years after the military left in 1890."

"William Goddard evidently liked the looks of the Verde Valley because he returned to Colorado, married Maude Reid in 1891, and brought his family to the valley in 1894. With him came Grandma Reid and her two sons, George and Uriah, age 12."

"They traveled in a covered wagon and a spring wagon drawn by horses. The trip took several weeks, ending in September 1894, at the home of Elias and Mollie Wine on Lower Verde. Mollie Wine was Maude Goddard's sister and the mother of Mary Richards who still lives in Camp Verde."

"William Goddard first worked for a short time for a farmer named Marshall who owned land around what is now the Cottonwood Cemetery. They lived in a small two-room house that belonged to Pete Strahan, close to where Patterson's feed store is now." [recently, Larry's Antiques at the south end of "Old Town"] William Marshall, husband of Martha "Mattie" Ellen Strahan, became the Cottonwood Postmaster in 1899.

"The Goddard family later moved down the river to the very last place, the old George Hance ranch. Their second child, Mae (now Mrs. B. G. Towler of Phoenix) was born there in 1896. Nettie recalls that old Dr. Ketcherside attended her mother."

"Sometime in 1898 or 1899, the family moved to a new house near the Squaw Peak Cemetery and here Ira Goddard, now of Cottonwood, was born in 1899. Grandma Young, government nurse for many years at the military post, took care of Mrs. Goddard."

"Jesse Goddard was born in 1904 on what was called the old Scott place, and is presently the Hopper ranch."

"The following year the family moved to the Diamond S ranch which was then owned by sheepmen, Perkins and Sutton. The ranch was located between Clear Creek and the Verde River at the site of the first civilian settlement in the Valley. Here the youngest of the family, Alyce (now Mrs. Harvey Beard of Flagstaff) was born."

"William and Maude Goddard are remembered affectionately as 'Uncle Will and Aunt Maude.' They are buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery."

"Nettie went to high school in Jerome in 1910 and 1911, and in Flagstaff the next year. She was married to Lester Gray, son of another pioneer family, in 1913. They had three sons, Cecil who died in an automobile accident in 1929, Bill who lives in Camp Verde, and Virgil who lives in California. Lester Gray died in 1932."

"In 1939, Nettie and C. C. 'Tuffy' Peach were married. They now live just below the hill east of the Fort Verde State Park."

(The Verde Independent; May 18, 1972; page 17, columns 3-6.)

See: "Pioneer Stories of Arizona's Verde Valley; 1933, 1954; The Verde Valley Pioneers Association; pages 197-198.

"Grandma" MARY ELLEN (Davis) REID was born in Missouri on May 8, 1835. She is the daughter of George Davis. She married George William Reid. "Grandma" died in Camp Verde on December 27, 1920, then was buried in the Clear Creek Cemetery, plot G-2-6.

GEORGE BAXTER REID was born at Moberly, Missouri, on December 10, 1875. He married Rhoda Belle Hopper on February 3, 1897. He died in Cottonwood on June 15, 1947.

URIAH DAVIS REID was born at Salome Springs, Arkansas, on February 12, 1881. He married (1) Johnnie Randolph Smith and (2) Nancy Emma Whitaker. He lived in Camp Verde until he went to a Prescott nursing home for 3 years, where he died on January 6, 1971. He is buried in the Clear Creek Cemetery, plot G-2-6.

MARY PAULINE REID married Elias Wine. He married (1) Mary Pauline Reid and (2) Elizabeth Malvina Russell.

MAUDE ETHEL REID was born at Weddington, Arkansas (or Mobly, Missouri) on September 4, 1873. She married William D. "Bill" Goddard on July 19, 1891 (1892). They became the parents of 5 children. She died in 1961, then was buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery, plot A 41.

WILLIAM D. "Bill" GODDARD was born at Weddington, Arkansas, on February 26, 1869. He is the son of Welcome and Mattie (Webber) Goddard. He was a resident of Cottonwood when he died in Prescott on January 2, 1958. He was buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery, plot A 40.

WELCOME R. GODARD was born March 31, 1832. He is the son of Nathaniel M. and Martha (McCart) Godard. He married Martha "Mattie" Weber. He died on December 5, 1905, then was buried in the Squaw Peak Cemetery. Welcome and Mattie are the parents of William "Bill" Goddard and Louis "Lou" B. Godard.

NETTIE M. GODDARD was born at Pagosa Springs, Colorado on November 3, 1893. She married (1) Lester Gray and (2) Clinton Calloway "Tuffy" Peach. She died in Cottonwood on January 17, 1986, then was buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery, plot A 054.

(See: Sharlot Hall Museum Library and Archives.)

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