Tue, July 23

Editorial: City smoking law sounds good, but enforcement another issue

The voice of youth was heard last week, and that's a very good thing for Cottonwood.

The Yavapai Anti-Tobacco Coalition of Youth, with chapters at Mingus Union and Cottonwood Middle School, asked the city council for a full or partial ban of smoking in the city's five municipal parks.

The council ultimately agreed to a partial ban, and now the city will create designated smoking areas in Cottonwood parks.

Now, those same teens will have to learn a lesson in reality.

Enforcement of this new ordinance is going to be hit and miss. It's similar to the law we have about wearing seat belts. It's the right thing to do, but not everyone does it, and there are seldom consequences.

Common sense would seem to dictate that people would realize that a park is a public place, and people should not smoke in public places.

Further, you would hope they would see, and respect the fact, that we will now have designated smoking areas in our parks.

Beyond that, hope for an informed citizenry who will call police on smokers who choose to light up where they please.

Finally, never, ever, assume people use common sense.