Fri, July 19

Bicyclist robs man at gunpoint

COTTONWOOD -- A Cottonwood man told police he was robbed, possibly at gunpoint, by a bicyclist riding past his house Thursday morning.

Cottonwood police said the armed robbery occurred in the 700 block of South Skyview Lane at about 10 a.m.

A 32-year-old man told police the robber was a Hispanic man in his early 40s wearing a sweatshirt, dark-colored pants and a dark-blue beanie. The robber was riding a mountain bike and told the man, "don't move or I'll blow your head off," according to the police report.

The robber then took his money and left on a bicycle heading west toward South 12th Street.

The victim explained that he and his dogs were is his car in the driveway getting ready to go to the bank and the dog park. He was counting $1,600 in cash, intended to pay his rent with the balance to be deposited in the bank. He said he noticed the man riding westbound on Skyline Drive from the top of the hill. He could tell that the man saw him counting his money so he decided to put it back into his wallet and put the wallet in his back pocket.

The victim then walked from his house to his mailbox across the street. He said he could hear the bicycle going down the road and thought the rider was going to pass by him. While he was getting his mail, the rider instead came up behind him and put something to his neck, which he described as being cold to the touch, and told him if he moved he would "blow his brains out." The man then removed the wallet from his pocket, took the cash out and put the wallet back into his pocket. He then rode west on Skyline Drive toward the open field between South 16th Street and South 12th Street.

Cottonwood police searched the area where the man was last seen but were unable to locate him. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Cottonwood Police Department, 928-634-5526.