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Yavapai College plans additional classes

VERDE VALLEY - The Yavapai College Verde Campus is coming out with a brand new line of college courses intended to help people gain employment - and to put their Yavapai College investment to work.

Culinary Arts, Hospitality (Restaurant and Hotel management), Welding and Film and Media Arts certificates will be added this fall in hopes of attracting local students.

These new certificates will be an addition to the local campus' other career-directed programs in Enology/Winemaking, Fire Science and Nursing.

"Two-year certificates or degrees are geared at getting students jobs at graduation," Yavapai College Dean Jim Perey said. But students can also continue their educations at four-year colleges and universities, he added.

The Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Welding and Film and Media Arts Certificates will be one-year program, Perey said, but the college intends to increase classes and certifications in each program if they are successful.

Perey pointed out that 73 percent of the students at Yavapai College are part-time, so a student may take these classes over several years before getting a certificate. Many Yavapai students work during the day, so many classes will be at night, he added. The goal of these and all Yavapai College's career and technical education programs are to get students into the workplace, Perey said. But also to transfer into another colleges universities and to provide education to the community.

Culinary Arts

In its first year, the Culinary Arts program will be a "short certificate" and offer four classes taught at night, Perey said. It will teach "basic culinary skills." The hope is for the college to expand this program into a larger certificate and eventually an associate's degree.

The program is perfect for students exploring a career in culinary arts, but don't want to spend a fortune, he said. Or students who want to apply for jobs as prep cooks or waiters or any jobs in the restaurant industry, he said.

Most private culinary arts programs and at universities and are very expensive, Perey said. If students can come out with a culinary arts certificate or degree from Yavapai College, then they won't have as much debt.

The Yavapai Culinary Arts classes will be taught at Camp Verde High School where there is currently a culinary arts program and facilities for students to use during their classes, Perey said. Yavapai College only has commercial kitchens and are not set up for student-teaching. The schools are working out a dual enrollment program.


The Welding certificate will be a 24 credits and will be a sequence of classes at the Mingus High School welding facilities, Perey said. Yavapai is utilizing the high school facility, but also using the high schools in the area as a feeder program into Yavapai College, he added. This will also be a night program.

Hospitality, Restaurant and Hotel Management

Perey said the college did a marketing study and it suggested a need for a workers in the service industry in Yavapai County, thus the Hospitality and Culinary Arts programs were added.

The Hospitality Certificate is 28 credits and is a one-year certificate, but students can take the classes in as many years as they require, Perey said. This program many also be expanded into an associate's degree someday.

The Hospitality classes will be in hybrid form, with some online classes, and some on the Clarkdale campus. There is also a practicum where students will have to work with a local business, he added.

"Yavapai County is a service industry county," Perey said." This will benefit local business as well, he added.

Film and Media Arts

The Sedona Film School at Yavapai College is moving to the Clarkdale campus this fall and changing its name to the Film and Media Arts Program, according to Helen Stephenson, director and teacher of the program, recently.

After the programs was suspended one year, it is coming back revamped to meet the demands of the new digital world.

The program will offer screenwriting, video editing, YouTube storytelling and monetization, production, editing and writing for film.

Students can concentrate either in "Media Production" or "Media Writing and Production" and their final project is chosen depending on the concentration.

The program traditional three-credit classes, except for the final project, and will be open to all Yavapai College students.

Students will receive a certificate after completing the one-year program, which is 25 elective college credits.

They can also advance their media education by transferring into an Arizona university.

Perey said the school's marketing survey also indicated that the population in Yavapai County has a large number of retired residents.

And there is a lot of competition to keep students in Clarkdale since the local campus does not have a dorm and kids want to see the world, he said.

New classes at Yavapai College are designed with all this information in mind, he said.

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