Mon, Feb. 17

Donations needed to support animal rescue in the Village

Spring cleaning any time soon and want to help animals in need by donating to support a worthy cause here in the Village? Please consider the new Red Rose Thriftique in the Bell Rock Plaza.

The Red Rose Thriftique is a one of a kind quality thrift store and artisan boutique that benefits animal rescue through Red Rose Inspiration For Animals. We are a 501c3 (non-profit) organization established in Sedona in 2009. We also pride ourselves as a 'no kill organization'. 

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals provides a variety of free services to homeless, abused and neglected animals. With a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) Program we provide free spay/neuter, health checks, necessary medical attention and vaccinations to feral cats that are essentially homeless and non-domesticated cats in the Camp Verde, Rimrock and Cottonwood areas.

In addition to that program we also assist pet owners who are experiencing financial difficulties with a variety of programs such as "Getting Back on Your Paws" a program for individuals who are committed to their animals and find themselves in need of a place to stay together. We provide assistance with temporary housing in a transitional home.

Another program we operate to serve the surrounding community is no-cost 'Spay & Neuter'. In the last month and a half we have provided free spay and neuter to over 83 animals! These animals, in turn, lead healthier lives and it reduces their chances of becoming abused, neglected and injured....or left to fend for themselves, with their offspring, as many of them do.

As an example, we recently spayed and neutered 3 adult canines and 12 pups belonging to a resident living on the Yavapai Apache Nation on the reservation in Rimrock. Another success story, prior to that, was that we assisted a man, with disabilities, that had two adult female dogs and 12 puppies...and could no longer care for them....and the burgeoning family they had become. We spayed/neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed all of them for no cost!!

We are strong believers that 'low-cost' spay/neuter clinics are essential, but oftentimes this still presents a financial barrier for some pet owners. Even a low-cost neuter/spay on a large dog can cost approximately $85.00. We work tirelessly to remove this barrier whenever we can! Helping our community to be a happier and healthier place for all of us!

Your support is instrumental in our success!! As we continue to grow and serve the surrounding community, there are four ways that you may be able to help us serve our mission - please, consider:

1) Donating your time for fostering, dog-walking, feral cat rescue or helping us with community awareness, special events, and various positions supporting the operations of our Thriftique Store in Bell Rock Plaza.

2) Donate those items around your home, that you no longer need, to our Thriftique. We are always in need of donations of Home Décor, Art Work, Jewelry, Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories, Books, CD's/DVD's, Designer Men's & Women's Clothing/Accessories, and small furniture pieces.

3) Come in and hear about our programs, in-person, and perhaps one of our programs that 'speaks to your heart' would be worthy of a monetary donation. At Red Rose, 100 percent of these donations go directly to the animals through the program(s) of your choice!

4) Come in and shop our unique store, conveniently located in Bell Rock Plaza... and discover a 'treasure' of your own! Bring a friend, bring family....and see what we may have 'in-store' for you!

For additional information, contact Red Rose Thriftique at 41 Bell Rock Plaza in the VOC, call 928-282-5278 or visit

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