Mon, Sept. 16

Letters: Great job by all on highway cleanup


On behalf of the Verde Village Property Owner's Association (VVPOA), I wish to express my appreciation for the support given to the highway cleanup groups by Reese's Tire Pros, Tire Pro, Randall's Restaurant and Folksville USA "America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs".  Due to their combined efforts and support, it makes our VVPOA Adopt-A-Highway group feel appreciated.  The donuts and coffee was appreciated, thank you!

Our VVPOA group often wonders if the Verde Valley residents and community leaders appreciates what all Adopt-A-Highway groups do for their community based on the lack of recognition by our community leaders. We at VVPOA clean our two-mile section of Highway 260 section every 3 months, rain or shine, in an effort to demonstrate our pride in our community.

We wonder if all residents understand that our VVPOA effort helps to maintain or increase the value of all Verde Valley properties and the image of our community.

We believe that if the Cottonwood Town Council and other town councils would recognize the efforts of all Verde Valley Adopt-A-Highway groups once per year and formatted on the Camp Verde Town Council's efforts to recognize area Adopt-A-Highway groups, this would be very helpful! 

The VVOPA would like to thank all of the volunteers who help with the highway 260 cleanup on the Verde Village Property Owners' Association two-mile section. On May 16 we had 19 volunteers. Ten of these volunteers were led by Air Force recruiter TSgt Sean Dore, Air Force Unit 362, Prescott, AZ.

The Air Force crew consisted of TSgt Sean Dore, Gabrielle Spalding, Molly Marshall, Sean Dore, Tania Jarquin, Tyler Wells, Anthony Hhara, Emmanuel Morales, Shelby Grinter and Heather Parks.

The VVPOA members consisted of Debra LaFrance, Dale Torgeason, Gene Carrigan, Mark Andersen, Rita Miller, Greg Gill, Allen Osthoff and Lyle Oberg (my apologies for any name misspellings).  These are just the names of those that contributed on May 16 and there are many others who repeatedly help to keep our two-mile section of Highway 260 clean every 3 months.

I would like the elected officials and leaders of the Verde Valley, Yavapai County, businesses, residents and our educators to know that we will never solve the litter issues we face until all of those mentioned get involved in some manner.

Those mentioned could provide a helping-hand or contribute something of value to all of the Adopt-A-Highway groups that make our communities appealing to residents, tourists and visitors. In some manner "saying thank you" to all of the Adopt-A-Highway groups goes a long way and it could start with our many community mayors. I am aware of the efforts of Camp Verde Mayor Charlie German and his Town Council since I have had the opportunity to speak before them.

Hopefully our Verde Valley and Yavapai County community will get involved so that we all may benefit from the next "America & Arizona the Beautiful" effort scheduled for August 15, 2015. Please contact me if you would like to be part of this community "team effort".

Malcolm (Mal) Otterson

Verde Village

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