Sun, Jan. 26

Letter: Roundabouts on 260 a bad idea all around


I spent 3 years stationed in Europe in the early 1980s; in Italy in particular. The use of roundabouts, traffic circles was quite prevalent in most European countries. That however did not make them safe or easy to navigate. There was frequently little of no signage telling the driver what the road leading into or out of the roundabout/traffic circle lead to; if anywhere.

There were many stories of drivers being caught in the inside lanes of traffic circles or roundabouts and spending a long time in the inside lane because they could not get to the outside lane to exit the traffic circle or roundabouts. And these were multilane roundabouts/crashabouts.

I have also traveled through the ADOT roundabout/crashabout at Interstate 17 and Happy Valley Road in Phoenix. That is probably as bad as any roundabout/crashabout that I ever saw in Europe. The din of horns blasting at cars and people is amazing.

I could have told you about these problems years ago. But no one in position of authority wants to listen to tales of horror about there latest great idea. The fact that the entire population is dead set against them doesn't count for beans as ADOT seem to think they are the only ones who know what is good for us. In a simple term, baloney to them. I'm being nice.

If ADOT in their infinite wisdom, wants to save money then why not repeat the highway construction they did on Highway 89A between Cottonwood and Sedona. From Cornville Road to the 1st intersection in Sedona there are no stop lighted intersections. The few roads that intersect with 89A have very smartly planned turn lanes that do not impede traffic or cause potential accidents.

The traffic moves smoothly and has a very low accident rate and seldom has any congestion or backup. In other words it was properly thought out, planned and then constructed to everyone's satisfaction.

Why is Camp Verde being punished, again, for the poor engineering work of ADOT. And why is the town council and town administration sitting still for this punishment. Hasn't the previous example of ADOT road engineering at the east side of Hwy 17 and Hwy 260 proven enough that they can't design a road that is safe and convenient for all concerned.

If a Highway Patrol Vehicle were to be stationed at the intersection coming out of Burger King and Shell Gas Station he could issue enough tickets for making an illegal left turn to fulfill his quota for a year in one week. And do you think that the Shell Gas Station appreciates people using his gas station to pass through to get to McDonalds because there is no left turn at McDonalds Driveway. And there is no easy way to go around the Shell Gas Station unless you go through Carl's Jr's parking lot. I don't imagine they would appreciate being a thoroughfare either.

Has anyone ever kept track of how may trucks and cars make U-Turns at the light just down the road from the Super 8 Motel because they can't turn left to get into the Days Inn Motel, Super 8 Motel, Denny's, Taco Bell and Starbucks.

Once again I think it is time for the bosses at ADOT to get out of their plush chairs and take a good hard look at what is being proposed for the widening of HWY 260. I know it may be late in the planning game but is not to late to rethink their plans and make it safer and easier for all. That may prevent having to continue to take a lot of flack from people for years to come and the always possible lawsuits.

I also think it is time for the Town Council and managers to listen to their constituents about what they want in road construction for the Town of Camp Verde and stop letting ADOT dictate to them.

Brian B Coley

Camp Verde

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