Sun, Sept. 22

Bunescu agrees to plea in multiple cases

Jason Bunesco

Jason Bunesco

CAMP VERDE -- Jason Bunescu has pleaded guilty to a total of eight counts in two separate cases from 2014. Since he is still on probation from a 2011 aggravated DUI drug case, the 30-year old Bunescu must also serve time for both the drug and DUI charges to which he earlier plead guilty.

Two weeks ago, he was warned during a hearing that a jury could sentence him to as much as 670 years in prison, if found guilty on all charges and sentenced to the maximum possible terms. But Judge Bluff told the attorneys during that hearing, that, "I don't think Mr. Bunescu needs to go away for the rest of his life."

He has now pleaded to possession of heroin, and one count of trafficking in stolen property, both of which are eligible for probation. Other counts for which he would be sentenced to prison include burglary in the 2nd degree, trafficking in stolen property, theft, theft of a credit card, taking the identification of another and a second theft of a credit card.

Bunescu returns to Judge Bluff's court Dec. 7 to hear his sentence.

Bunescu was first investigated as a suspect in an armed robbery of Garcia's Market in Bridgeport. But, with only a single eyewitness and meager evidence, those five charges charges were dismissed. The prosecution combined the original total of 31 charges, which resulted from seizures of jewelry and other valuables seized during a probation search of his home.

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