Fri, July 19

Mingus Wrestling Room remodel set for 2018 if "unofficial results" become official

COTTONWOOD- With the "Unofficial final" results from the Yavapai County Recorder's office confirming that the bond request for Mingus Union High School District successfully passed, there may be some changes coming to the Mingus Union High School in the future.

For some renovations, in the future pertains to the school year of 2018. As a part of the bond override some improvements will be made in the athletic department at Mingus Union High School. Some of the improvements include, tennis court repairs, bleachers, locker room remodeling, PA system repairs, scoreboard repairs, grounds keeping equipment, and a wrestling room building remodel, said Mingus Union District Superintendent Paul Tighe.

"The projects will proceed as long as the unofficial results become official," Tighe said. "It's important to note the wrestling room and some of the other projects are included in the second phase. There are two bond sales planned; it was split to keep the secondary tax rate stable, so the soonest the second phase would commence is 2018."

The wrestling room/building remodel would consist of the addition of four new classrooms to the building, so that all students can benefit from the building addition rather than a small group of athletes.

The wrestling room, which is 33 years old, was constructed in 1982 by Anthony Lozano, community members, teachers, and students. Most of the labor and materials were donated by many members of the staff and community at the time. Back then, the wrestling program was assigned to practice in the main gym along with the basketball teams. Lozano said it just wasn't working out for anyone.

"I was talking about it in class one day and one of my students, Tim Westcott, said 'why don't you just build a one," Lozano said. "I asked him a couple more times what he said and he kept repeating it."

Lozano bounced the idea off the superintendent at the time, and finally was given permission to move forward with the building. With help from many community members and school staff members the building was finished over a two-year time span.

"When the building was built it served its' purpose, and it also worked for other programs to use during school," Lozano said.

In 2018 the wrestling building will receive the tender, loving, care that it needs, along with other additions. Mingus Mountain Wrestling Coach Klint Mckean believes that the improvements to the building will help the wrestling programs as a whole, as well as the school.

"With a new wrestling facility, the student athletes on the team will be safer which in turn leads to better training in practice and better performance in competition," Mckean said. "It will give them a greater sense of pride as a team. Pride in the program and pride that the school cares about them as a group."

Right now the building is in need of an improvement to the heating and cooling system as both are routinely being repaired, Mckean said it is the only building on campus that still runs on a swamp cooler. Along with no drinking fountain in the building, Mckean says the program is in need of more space.

"At its current size it is not large enough to hold our all-ages club team during off-season practices." Mckean said.

Along with the improvements, the building will receive another floor that will be made up of four classrooms, for the rest of the student body and teachers to be able to use. Although it will not take place until 2018, the much needed remodel of the wrestling building is on its way.

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