Thu, Aug. 22

Obituary: Gary Roth



Gary Roth was born on May 21, 1948 in Greeley, Colorado to Albert Lee Roth and Mary Mable Schaker and was the first born of four children.

He is survived by his sister Val who's better half is Paul, brother Marty who is married to Joyce, and the baby brother Allan, and Mary, Allan's wife who became like a sister to him.

He was happily married to the love of his life Jo Ann Morrow Roth for over 47 years.

They met at the El Dorado in Fort Collins, Colorado and it was love at first sight.

Then they had two sons Tim and Thomas and Robyn who became a daughter to him and is married to Tim.

He has four grandchildren Ashley the twinkle in his eye and three grandsons Tyler, Aiden and Isaiah.

  Gary grew up on the Roth farm in Grover, CO, which was homesteaded in the early nineteen hundreds by his grandparents who migrated over from Southern Russia near the border of Germany.

His grandfather was a shoe maker and they had 11 children, 7 boys and 4 girls. His 'dad' was a World War II veteran and was stationed in New Zealand.

In 1956, he first started driving a tractor and working the farm which meant driving the tractor all day for many days in a row, milking cows twice a day, feeding 35 head of cattle, and doing a full day of "mans" work all at the age of eight.

At fifteen when his sister and brother were able to drive the tractor and help out on the farm, his father told him he had to get a job.

He began working for a farmer close by but when harvest came, his dad told him he had to quit his other job for two weeks to help out at home.

At 16, he had saved up around $1500 with an hourly wage of 1.25 per hour.

He used his $1500 savings to buy his first car, a 57' chevy.

After high school he wanted to become a farmer and entered into an agreement to lease three sections of land near the existing Roth farm, which unfortunately fell through.

Then his dad said the farm wasn't big enough for the two of them so he went to college for some time and then worked on I-80 freeway pouring concrete for a summer.

Around 1967, his good friend Curt Dennis convinced him to go to Fort Collins for an apprenticeship in plumbing. He signed for the apprenticeship and began working.

During this time, he met his lovely wife, Jo.

Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Dad went back to the farm and put much needed plumbing into the house as before all they had was an outhouse out back.

Work took him to Reno, then Phoenix, where he entrepreneured his own business and carried it to Camp Verde where he lived the rest of his days.

Along this rodeo of life that we all traverse, Gary made many friendships and impacts on this world that will survive us all.

The family that was made and friendships that were forged will last an eternity.

Gary was a selfless man who gave to all. And spoiled all, including his children, grandchildren, and animals alike.

  His second greatest love other than his family and friends were his horses and team roping.

Which he spent most of his spare time doing.

He won many buckles and saddles doing this, but the greatest thing he got out of this was great friends.

(Information provided by survivors.)