Tue, July 23

Deadline for Village business map extended

Because the Sedona Village Business Association annual membership renewal date was Sept. 1, the deadline for inclusion in the new map/brochure was extended to Oct. 15. The target date for printing and distribution is Nov. 1.

The annual membership fee is $120, and you can sign up online at, using either Pay Pal or a major credit card.

If you are not already a member, sign up today and enjoy the multiple benefits of being part of the only business organization in the Village of Oak Creek dedicated to the primary goal of promoting local business growth and networking opportunities.

Good news

The Arizona Department of Transportation issued SVBA a permit, allowing us to create a "Holiday Lighting" project from Nov. 1 through Jan. 15, 2016. Last year, we were only able to light one featured tree on private property at the corner of Jacks Canyon and SR-179.

This year, we'll use the ADOT right-of-way and illuminate approximately a dozen trees down the 1-mile strip on SR-179 between Sedona Golf Resort and Circle K.

Currently, we are raising money to fund this project. Our goal is $8,000, and the target date is Nov. 1. You can make online contributions to this fund via our website. Hopefully, we will all get excited about "Lighting our Village for the Holidays" and make this happen.

The holiday lights will definitely call to the attention of our many tourists who travel through the Village that this is a place to stop, shop, visit, dine, hike, bike, golf, relax and enjoy the beautiful Red Rocks.

Other SVBA projects include serious conversations with Verde Lynx to extend bus service to the Village and alternative transportation routes from West Sedona to the Village.

We are a dynamic membership-based organization that "means business." Our Board of Directors meet monthly on the third Wednesday, and meetings are always open to members and guests.

The next meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 21, in the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock, 90 Ridge Trail Drive.