Wed, April 01

Be Fit Fit! The Mighty PSSS...

Psoas. A well-hidden core muscle. Not many of us heard of it. Protected by layers and layers of other body tissues and organs and hard to access. Well-hidden and silent. But mighty. We, actually, have one major and one minor psoas on each side of our body, but for the purpose of this blog, I will just refer to the major one as the psoas anyway, the minor one is on its way to extinction, give it a few million years more. It is not doing much anyway and it feels totally overwhelmed by the major psoas in there.

So, what is the mighty major psoas? It is a big core muscle, which attaches to the 12th thoracic vertebrae, every single lumbar vertebrae and then runs into the femur bone.

By the way, it sort of runs through your pelvic area, so you better take care of it if you have any issues at this level. The psoas is the only muscle which attaches the swinging leg to our bodies! Important. Isn't it?

It is strong enough and we cannot make it much stronger. How can we improve the psoas' life, mood and chances? Actually, by relaxing it. There are many ways to relax that ever-and over-stressed muscle. Starting from the constructive rest position, a very valid exercise where it seems we are doing absolutely nothing. However, we are working hard on. relaxing our psoas! And through some simple bent leg "hugs" and bridges to several more complicated positions. Making sure to out that warm, moist towel or bean bag on the psoas area once we are done, or before all that exercise. Warm and moist relaxes the psoas, so it does not tense up, does not pull the other muscles which attach close by, and does not get dehydrated. A happy psoas is a hydrated psoas. A happy psoas is a relaxed psoas. A happy psoas lets you move freely, using those legs to walk without pain, using the core for the balance, and so on. It is vital and crucial to our health and well-being.

E-mail me if you want us to run a Happy-Psoas Session, OK? Your trunk and leg muscles will thank you for this. Plus, it is a truly relaxing session, you won't even notice the time passing by! Let's have some psoas fun together!

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