Wed, June 26

National Monument -- VOCA Board's position

In recent months, the issue of the National Monument has been a passionately debated topic, one that even led to a brawl in our own VOCA ballroom during the meeting in September that was held by the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument Coalition.

We have also received numerous feedback and inquiries from our VOCA community relative to the topic, including questions as to the VOCA Board's position on this subject.

In that regard, I thought it might be helpful to provide some background and then summarize the position that we have taken.

This has been articulated at both the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council (BPRCC) meeting, and during our regularly scheduled VOCA Board meeting in September. Rob Schaefer, VOCA Board Vice-President and Board Representative to the BPRCC, has been our spokesperson.

Background: The National Monument discussion was included on the agenda of the June 11th Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting. Following a presentation by Tom O'Halloran, votes from the BPRCC representatives were taken.

The presentation gave the reasons, as a preliminary matter, why National Monument status would be good for our community, a position that Council members initially supported. However, having received only one side of the story in the June 11th meeting, the Council voted on October 8th to rescind its initial vote of support. 

Prior to BPRCC's vote to rescind, Rob Schaefer explained that the VOCA Board, representing 2346 property owners and 25 HOAs, would abstain from voting on a recommendation from the Council to support, or not support, seeking the Monument designation. He stated that it was not within the VOCA Board's scope of authority to represent our members on such political matters that did not directly affect VOCA in its HOA function. Rob, at our Sept 23rd VOCA Board of Directors meeting, provided the same explanation to the Board and the VOCA members present.

Rob also noted that the BPRCC By-laws give it the authority to provide opinions on any legislation, ordinances, rules or regulations to be proposed to the federal, state or county government; but that awarding such authorization to the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council does not give the VOCA Board or its designated Board Representative, the authority to generally represent its members on such matters.

Since this topic was beyond our jurisdiction as a Board representing the direct interests of our HOA, we further felt that it would have been a waste of VOCA time and money to take a vote/survey of the VOCA membership on the Monument question.

Our charter comes from the VOCA Articles of Incorporation, Master Declaration, and VOCA By-Laws.

With that in mind, be it at internal or external meetings, the Board will continue to exercise appropriate authority when it comes to voting on behalf of our VOCA members, by ensuring that we stay within the scope to which we have been chartered by our governing documents.