Sun, April 05

Be Fit Fit! Think of the payoffs!

In need of some motivation to stick your head from under that cozy blankie at 6AM to head out for the gym?

Think of the payoffs! And not any non-specific, good-for-all-of-us payoffs, such as: "We get stronger if we slave to the gym twice a week". Think specifically about you and what you can get out of your training. Think how the exercise you are about to perform will translate into the better,s tronger you when you need it.

OK, enough of abstract blah-blah. Example: You are a skier. Every year, on multiple occasions, you visit our local Snowbowl and once a winter, you go for a full week of white powder paradise to Colorado. And your dream is not to feel that the highlight of each and every of these outings is that full-sodium fare soup you get at the skiing shack. You dream of, actually, effortlessly (or as close to effortlessly as possible) gliding down the slopes, feeling the good burn in your leg, core and arm muscles, feeling flexible, healthy and 1005 oxygenated. You dream of feeling good.

So, what does it have in common with that dreadful feeling at 6AM when your bones simply refuse to get a grip and get outta that bed?

A lot. Believe me, things will get easier if and when you manage to convince yourself that vigorously exercising six times a week will result in that wonderful, yet distant, great feeling on the Colorado slopes. You want to toss in some planning, too. So, the evening "before", always have a plan what you are going to do, in terms of the exercise, the following morning. Prepare the right clothes. Go for aerobic activity (preferably outdoors), weight, balance, and flexibility training daily. Target somehow the muscles you will need the most for your particular carrot activity, dangling at the end of the stick. In case of the skiing, it might be lots of exercises focused on the legs, specifically the quadriceps, quite a core workout (maybe a Pilates session or two to address that?) and strong biceps. Yes, actually, you do need strong arms and biceps to ski! Remember that last time on the slope when, as a result of you holding the skiing poles, your biceps started aching well bef ore your legs? Also plan to address the flexibility, so you feel ready and flexible when hitting the slopes.

Good luck!

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