Thu, April 02

Be Fit Fit! Compassion

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be compassionate when you help others on their path to wellness, health and fitness. People come to you, oftentimes as a "last resort", after years of struggling with either some medical problems or weight issues or nutritional habits. It is extremely hard for them to book that first date with the fitness professional, come to the meeting, sit down, open up right away and pour out all the worries, problems and stress, as they see the person for the first time in their life.

I must admit that I get lots of comments about how "compassionate" I am, how helpful this quality is to my new clients, and how much easier it makes it for them to open up. I always truly appreciate these comments, because they mean I am right on the target. It is how I want to sound and appear to my new clients; compassionate and understanding.

On multiple occasions, what helps out is the moment when I can relate to their weight loss struggles, when I pull out one of the two "pictures-on -duty" I have in the drawer of my desk at the Studio. The pictures show yours truly at the age of 18 years old and at the weight of 181 pounds, solid. Before I lost all that (what took me a while, as well). This is the moment when my new clients instantly reconnect and know that I was there, too, and I know how it feels and I am very compassionate about the whole situation. Relating is so important, not only in the fitness business.

What most of my new clients do not realize is that feeling compassionate makes me feel way better, too. Feeling stressed? Ah, just help another soul! Tell them how nice their sweater is, how lovely a smile they sport, or help that elderly gentlemen with the walker to get over the curb. Instant gratification of feeling better! The person who was "helped out" also feels better and, most likely, contagiously continues with the 'feel-good" attitude through their day. Also, when you meet someone at the grocery shop, simply wish them to have a lovely day - you do not even have to spell that loud, just wish them the best silently, in your head. Believe me, little things like that make such a huge difference in the daily lives of all of us!

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