Wed, July 17

Sedona Pathways ... Our Daily Journey Aug. 3, 2016

The one true mountain in Sedona is Mt. Wilson, all the others were caused by erosion ... here is a photo of the volcanic cone located on the east/Oak Creek Canyon side of the mountain. Actually this is a photo of what remains of the volcanic cone as a major earthquake or series of quakes sheered the cone into two pieces; the other part was moved hundreds of yards to the SE and dropped several hundred feet. Oak Creek Canyon was formed by a series of earthquakes as well as erosion and is on the fault line. Kinda cool reminder of what was and when the earth awakes again, who knows what will happen, but for sure it will awake and the relative geological calm in the area will be gone. Actually it never takes a break, it is just our short life spans that gives us that perception and change is relentless as time passes.

So, on the left of the photo above Wilson is Thunder Mountain, to the right of middle high is Seven Canyons golf club and in the gunsight of Thunder Mountain is the Cockscomb; Boynton Canyon and Enchantment Resort is above Seven Canyons and on the right in a side canyon you cannot see.

Beautiful thunderstorms rolling through the area today and more of the same coming up on Tuesday . love this weather. I had a few comments from photographer friends regarding the general condition of the house finch I sent out last night. Generally, the comments were best summed up by Eric with his assertion that the finch was having a bad feather day . that is true, but after taking a look in the mirror at the photographer who took the shot, it is apparent that the bird belongs here.

Have a terrific day, smile and share your joy . much work on projects coming up, but not until the espresso is poured down my throat.



At nightfall.though I know I shall sometime no more Open my eyes to the light or day, I am one who looks at stars when Unchained from the work-bench at Nightfall.

They are a sign that I am not ephemeral, Not you, nor you, whoever you are.

The dawn comes and the dark and the sign sparkling in the brooding night, Forever and forever.

Max Ehrmann