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GENERAL MANAGER OF INSPIRATION CONSOLIDATED COPPER COMPANY IS INSPECTING THE U.V.X. and is Believed to be here to Assist in Selecting a Site for the New Smelter.

"With C. E. Mills, general manager of the Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company, James S. Douglas, president and general manager of the United Verde Extension Mining Company, arrived in Jerome last evening. They came by automobile from Phoenix over the old Black Canyon road, which has been put in passable condition. Though they found parts of the highway very rough, no difficulty was encountered in negotiating the trip."

"Major W. S. Pickrell, managing director of the U. V. Extension, came in on the train from Prescott last night. Major Pickrell, President Douglas and Mr. Mills are spending the day at the mine. They may leave tomorrow or stay for several days."

"H. Kenyon Burch, who superintended the construction of the Inspiration mill and smelter, was in Jerome about a month ago. It was given out that he was here for the purpose of advising the Extension directors in regard to the installation of certain improvements and the sinking of a new shaft. While here he looked over the field with a view of selecting the most advantageous site for the United Verde Extension smelter."

"The visit of Mr. Mills following so close upon Mr. Burch's inspection, is regarded as deeply significant. His advise, it is realized, would be of tremendous value to the company for he is one of the most successful mining engineers and managers in the west. Like Mr. Burch, he is a heavy stockholder in the Extension company, though not a director."

"There is a widespread belief in the district that the United Verde Extension company has progressed farther toward the actual construction of a smelter than any of its officers will admit. Major Pickrell and Mr. Douglas deny that the construction of a smelter has been definitely decided upon but they do admit that something must be done toward arranging to treat the lower-grade ores of the mine. It is possible to ship the high-grade ore, running close to 20% copper, to the Copper Queen smelter at Douglas, roll up a surplus and even pay dividends, but great quantities of ore running under 10% are being accumulated or left in the mine ready for stoping."

(Jerome News; Friday, August 12, 1916; page 1.)

Plans made 100 years ago by the executives and stockholders of the United Verde Extension Mining Company, and their decision to build a smelter south of the small village of Cottonwood, resulted in a sudden population growth and rapid development of the area.

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