Sun, March 29

Be Fit Fit! One-Sided?

I am a big fan of unilateral exercises.

To give you an example, when performing the chest press, I often hold the dumbbell only in one hand, while the other stays put on my abdomen. Then, I switch. Same with the back rows or Arnold presses, cable machine twists and even deltoid fine-tuning.

Why on Earth train one side after another, and not both at the same time?

Well, first, you remain under that weight load for twice longer. And the longer you are under the load, the more calories you burn and the more you lean out.

Second, you strengthen the joints and ligaments better because unilateral movement demands more from your joint capsules.

Third, you get that nice, strong and flat tummy and strengthen your core in a major way. When you use unilateral movements, you want to keep a stable and relatively straight position in terms of your core. This becomes very challenging under any unilateral load, requiring lots of additional work from your abdominals to maintain that dynamic stability.

What are some examples of unilateral exercises ready to implement on a daily basis? Try some of the following: 1-leg dead lift, 1-leg bench-based split squat, 1-arm dumbbell press, 1 arm chest press, renegade row, 1-arm back row with a dumbbell or cable, 1 arm kettlebell snatch, and the more of them you perform standing versus seated, the better the effect.

Have fun!

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