Mon, Jan. 20

Healthy Happy Holidays for Village pets

There’s no doubt, as many of us live our lives walking, hiking, jogging, reading, eating and sleeping, that we appreciate a companion that loves us nearby. That may be a spouse, friend, partner or child, of course. But to many of us, that warmth and love is shared with our precious pets.

With the Holidays here and a chill in the air, it’s time to think about rewarding them for all that adoration they’ve given us all year. It so happens that our Village/Big Park has, amazingly, become quite a center for healthy pet foods, products and services.

Most of us are aware that Jake Weber’s IGA has made a real effort to stock many major dog, cat and even bird food brands across a broad price range, also offering lots of toys, treats and accessories. Our Community has most appreciated those efforts over the years.

Most local pet-owners are also familiar with Feathers and Fur Pet Supply, located just behind the Desert Flower Bakery in Castle Rock Plaza. Proprietor Roxanne Genaro opened the noisy, crowded shop four years ago and has never looked back, as it’s become THE hangout for tropical bird lovers and those that need advice on just about any pet topic.

She breeds and hand-raises her wonderful birds, to the last one, all kinds of them. The shop mascots are TJ, a magnificent blue Macaw and her gorgeous red friend, Nemo, born with just one wing, but happily getting along just fine.

Lots of neighbors just stop by to visit them while checking out the tasty pet treats and tantalizing toys too.

Roxanne vigilantly watches three websites a day for pet product recalls, food ratings, changes in company ownership and distributors, as well as changes in recipes and ingredients. As a nutritionist, she believes there is much to be concerned about in the pet food world, and she wants her customers to trust that she will provide the healthiest available.

Always seeking new ways to benefit our pets, the shop now offers Reiki healing, practiced by Reiki practitioners Sharon Day and Patricia Fonseca. An ancient Japanese form of energy healing which can work naturally alongside anything your vet would be utilizing, animals respond well to treatments. In a gentle way, Reiki can help heal emotional, behavioral, physical illness or injury. Be sure to call 928-592-8860 for further information.

More good choices for pet supplies in the Village are at Tuesday Morning in the Outlet Mall, at Paw Prints Thrift Shop, where sales benefit the Humane Society of Sedona and Red Rose Thriftique in Bell Rock Plaza, benefitting Red Rose Inspiration for Animals.

May all our feathered and furry friends have a warm, fuzzy, healthy Holiday!

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