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Verde Heritage 1916: SQUAW PEAK & L. M. OLDEN

"That the L. M. Olden property, 2 miles south from Camp Verde, is to be rapidly developed, is no longer a prediction, but a fact. A company composed of a number of Arizona's most prominent business men and capitalists, including Mayor J. J. Cain, Eugene M. Barron, Edison Thacker, H. W. Thacker and R. Thacker and several other Jerome people, has been formed and called The Squaw Peak Copper and Mining Company. Enough money has already been subscribed to place the company on a substantial starting basis and in addition to this a limited number of organization interests are being offered at 15 cents per interest."

"It is now planned to incorporate The Squaw Peak Copper & Mining Company with a capitalization of 2 million dollars, divided into equal shares of 1 dollar each."

"Much interest has been taken in the holdings of the company which are the claims of L. M. Olden interests which were located over 30 years ago, but have remained in obscurity like other Squaw Peak properties. Several specimens of ore have been taken from the prospects on the company's property, which show an exceptionally large percentage of copper per ton."

"While the property is located 25 miles from the town of Jerome, with the building of the proposed railroad through the Verde Valley, it will be just as accessible as Jerome and vicinity are today and before many more weeks pass, undoubtedly another town will spring up which will jump into prominence, like other towns where indications have been as favorable as they are on the Squaw Peak claims."

"A highly mineralized belt, 800 feet wide in several places, cuts across the Olden Squaw Peak property and numerous copper stained ledges of quartz and schist outcrop to the surface. Approximately 800 feet of work has been done in 10 or 12 locations, but the principal development is in the form of a tunnel 263 feet in length and which has attained a vertical depth of 167 feet. The work in this tunnel disclosed and cut through a 25-foot ledge averaging 1.8 per cent copper. In addition a 14-foot ledge has excellent showing of native copper. It is proposed to push the tunneling 150 feet further, which when accomplished, will bring the development work to a point below the most promising blow-out on the entire group. A shaft has been driven in this blow-out to a depth of about 75 feet and 3 crosscuts disclose 3.5 per cent copper ore. Examination of the ores taken from the Olden Squaw Peak Group show deposits of molybdenite and the possibilities are that with depth important bodies of this ore may be developed."

(Arizona Republican; Phoenix; December 15, 1916; Mining Section; page 8.)

1903, SQUAW PEAK DISTRICT: "L. M. Olden has 2 groups of mines here and he can show some rich ore in a number of places on his claims." (Jerome Mining News; February 2, 1903.) In one group of claims Mr. "Olden has a shaft 50 feet deep with a fine lot of ore on the dump." On the other group of "claims, for which Mr. Olden once refused an offer of $25,000, development work has made an excellent showing. Some rich silver specimen have been taken from the ledge, but the main values are copper, with gold and molybdenum." (Jerome Mining News: December 28, 1903.)


"On the evening of February 1, 1905, about 7 o'clock p.m., Judge L. M. Olden left the house of Mr. Williams at Mrs. Hopper's store on Lower Verde and started to the ranch of Bud Thompson, about half a mile distant. At the time he left the house it was very dark and he missed the trail and walked off of a bank known as Squaw Peak Wash. The bank was about 2 feet high and he fell head foremost and from the cut and bruised place on the forehead, seemingly struck a rock just above the left eye, and it is supposed fractured or broke the skull and also broke his left hip and probably received internal injuries. He called several times and W. D. Bruce and James Sullivan, who were camped nearby, went to him and about the same time Richard Martin, who was working for Mr. Thompson, with 2 of Mr. Thompson's boys, Mr. Bruce and 2 sons and Mr. Thompson came to his assistance. Mr. Olden asked Bruce and Sullivan to find his mail, said he had lost it and to help him out of the place, stating he was hurt and hurt bad. They got a cot and carried him to Mr. Thompson's house, but before they got him to the house Mr. Olden became unconscious and remained so until the time of his death, which occurred about 3:30 a.m., February 2, 1905. ... Those in attendance did all they could to alleviate the suffering of the poor old man, who was a friend to everybody and everybody was his friend."

"Mr. Olden was Justice of the Peace, and owns a great deal of mining property. ... He was a native of New York, aged 72 years. He was a lawyer in early life, and taught school before he came to Arizona. He also taught several terms in the Verde Valley. So far as we know, he was never married. Yavapai County and Arizona loses a good man and Verde Valley people a good neighbor. ... George W. Hance."

(Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner; February 8, 1905; page 8.)

On September 2, 1878, Lucius Marcus Olden, age 38, was a resident of the Upper Verde. (Great Register of Yavapai County, #2626.)

L. M. Olden was an early prospector in the Black Hills, including the area which would become Jerome and also near Cherry Creek. L. M. Olden was buried in the Squaw Peak Cemetery. The administrator of his estate, William W. Nichols, died before all the mining properties were sold, so Thomas E. Campbell became the administrator during 1911.

See: The Verde Independent; "1903: CAMP VERDE and SQUAW PEAK DISTRICTS; MINES;" December 27, 2012; and "1918: VERDE SQUAW MINE;" February 10, 2015.

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