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"One of the interesting financial developments of the past week has been the forming of a syndicate composed principally of well-known financial interests of Arizona for the purchase of a copper property in the Jerome district consisting of 32 claims, approximately 640 acres, and well known in and around Jerome as the 'square mile of mineral land.' The syndicate which has purchased this property will organize under the name of the 'Big Jerome Copper Company' and it is its intention to immediately begin an aggressive development campaign on the large acreage it has acquired."

"While a majority of the men who have formed this syndicate are well known in the mining industry of Arizona, Los Angeles will be represented on the board of directors by Harry E. Andrews, who will control a large block of stock in the new company and will be its vice-president. Mr. Andrews is heavily interested."

"Those in close touch with existing conditions in the Jerome district expect interesting developments when the Big Jerome Copper Company has completed organization and work on the 'square mile of mineral land' is really under way. The location of the property is considered one of the best in the Jerome district. One portion of it adjoins the Pittsburg-Jerome, a popular trader which is now selling at $2.12 bid and $2.25 asked. Another portion adjoins Copper Chief property, which is now at 50 cents. Other well-known adjacent properties are the Boston-Jerome, Green Monster, etc."

"The great quantity of copper which is being used in the war has sent the price of the red metal to figures which a few months ago were undreamed of. Yet, in spite of this great increase in price, the demand is steadily growing and has now reached a point where practically all the copper which can be turned out by the present producing mines of the country during the year 1917 has already been sold in advance. This fact has brought out a most interesting side of the copper situation and that is that in order to meet the present abnormal demand, which will follow when the war is over, new mines will be absolutely necessary."

"Under these conditions, the entire Jerome district at this time is one of great activity. In fact, all eyes of the investing world seem to be centered on Jerome, which was first brought into prominence by the biggest body of high-grade copper ore in the world."

"Jerome at the present time has 3 producing mines, and any day a big strike may be made at one of the prospects under development. It is evident that before the present era of investment in copper is over some of the Jerome prospects may make sensational strikes."

"The property of the Big Jerome Copper Company has been one of the prospects that big interests have been attempting to acquire. It remained, however, for the Los Angeles capitalists to close the deal which has just been announced."

"Advices received here state that J. B. Bourne, former county treasurer of Pinal County, has been elected to the directorate of the Big Jerome Copper Company. Mr. Bourne is one of the prominent mining men of Arizona and his acceptance of a directorship in the company together with W. Paul Geary, of the Arizona Corporation Commission, and Henry Andrews, of Los Angeles, bring about one of the strongest directorates ever formed in Arizona. Organization is being rapidly completed and plans are under way for starting development on the property."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; December 6, 1916; page 4.)

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