Tue, March 31

Be Fit Fit: Principle of Minimal Disruption

I am oftentimes asked for the simplest way to improve your nutritional habits. We all know how tough it is to change our habits.

One answer invariably comes to my mind, and it involves the principle of minimal disruption. I will explain below.

We are creatures of habit, we enjoy homeostasis in both our day-to-day life and relationships and in terms of how and when we exercise, for example. The same is true with what, how much and when we eat.

Knowing this, it is easy to understand that the less changes we introduce to our daily nutritional habits at any given time, the better our chances at assimilating those changes into our lives.

So, aim at changing to the smallest degree necessary (but that would do the job) to achieve your nutritional goals.

Also, once you succeed at implementing the first small change and it works for you, go after the second and third one, and so on…

This approach is similar to the one I described in one of my recent articles for “The Villager”, “How to Eat an Elephant?” – well, slowly, in chunks, and piece by piece!

Happy Holidays to all of you!

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