Mon, Oct. 14

Letter: Trump election hardly an ‘Act of Terrorism’ but time for Americans to be proud once again


According to Olga Perez Stable Cox, psychology professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA, Donald Trump’s election was an “act of terrorism”. This quote was part of her class lecture after Trump’s election and was video taped by a student, put on YouTube and then reported by Fox News.

If Trump’s election was an “act of terrorism”, doesn’t that make all of us who voted for him, terrorists? Just think, 60-plus million terrorists walking the streets of America. Wow! Better lock your door liberals, that very nice, quiet, peace-loving neighbor may be a Trump terrorist.

But I make light of a serious, dangerous event. Dangerous in that free people in a free country freely voted for what they believed best for our country, and then were verbally attacked and accused of being one of the worst of the worst … a terrorist.

The election was a just and honest win for Donald Trump. Since the loss by Hillary and her campaign handlers, they have done nothing but indulge in name calling, whining, crying and playing the blame game.

While the liberal politicians continue on their loosing path to socialism/globalism/one-world order, their constituents, and the rest of us, will be back at work, enjoying prosperity, and singing “Proud to be an American” once again.

Last. Hopefully the education system will be changed from tenure to the merit system and students will be learning from intelligent people rather then left-wing radicals like Olga Perez Stable Cox.

Diane Daniel


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